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Electoral Campaign

What I could appreciate in eta electoral campaign, was like Lourdes after having been in the summit of the surveys, could be surpassed by Susana, and I create (without fear to mistake to me) that this happened, with the aid of Jaime Bayly. But this indicates the low level of intellectual personality and own will to us of the citizen of on foot. The facility with which it is let manipulate the public opinion. Jaime – reason why he said last night in his program – already stopped of the arlequinada idea to want to be president, then the future candidates to the presidency, will be seeing or the possibility of having an approach or friendship with this personage who knows like manipulating the public opinion, is in the channel that is. Jaime is right when he says that he is not right that channel 2 is showing those cintillos in which says that it does not support with the opinions spilled in his program, because it is logical to suppose that how they are possible to be opposed to that still it is not said? , Or it is a part only to which they are against? , and then to which they are not against? The appreciation is a little complicated. But also it is certain that Jaime cannot try that the channel thinks just as. As also it is certain that a journalist cannot be aduln of anybody (referred to Alan Garci’a) but also is certain that she flatters to Susana Villarn, then falls in contradiction. I believe that a good spectator must consider all these shades of appreciations, to be able to emit an acceptable judgment and to know how to discern that he is the correct thing and that he is not it. At least it is my case.

ExrcitoIndustrial Profit

The development of the force, putting in bigger movement one quantidadesempre of means of production for an amount always lesser of work, it makes that each part of the total product, contains little work. Causing umaqueda in the prices of merchandises. The capitalists undertake an exploration maisintensa of the work force, to oppose the fall of the profit tax. Ocapital constantly tends to dilatar the hours of working, to the maximum of physical suapossibilidade, since in the same ratio it increases sobretrabalho e, therefore the profit that of it drift. Marx explains that the process of docapital accumulation, in constant growth, makes to appear an exceeding population dismissed detrabalhadores. The increase of the global capital is not folloied pelademanda of man power, therefore means of production are created without, necessariamenteaumento number of workers. The logic of the accumulation I did without each time more than force detrabalho. Even though, to guarantee the growth, after periods of contraction.

It does not have doubts that the enrichment of the classroom of the capitalists, if of the pelaexplorao of the laboring classroom. In reaction this, sindicaisque appears the movements reacts to the exploration which are submitted. However, with capitalismoassumindo a new standard of production, it is observed that these movements tend ase not ' ' quietar' ' its spirits, to suffocate its shouts and I substituted-lospor a pacific position and of neutrality. The cause will be argued maisadiante, as object of study of this article. BASIC 2-NOTION OF the CONSTANT CAPITAL AND the CAPITALVARIVEL to understand the decline of the profit tax and the ExrcitoIndustrial de Reserva, will become necessary to display basic slight knowledge of composiodo capital and the formation of the more-value. The more-value is resulted of the production demercadorias in whose birth if of the one for the alive work, carried through again, eno of the existing means of production.

Alarm System

Carlos Blackberry vanegas has been written, that the flight of talent is very a well established alarm system: if one of good, the OK goes away, if two go away, three, four, then ones already are an alert tendency. If the company reacts saying: there they, will regret, ratifies the pathology. If the phrase nobody is indispensable becomes dogma, then those that are no longer run risks nor take initiatives; they fall back and they intrench. The Venezuelan reality as for the education is very worrisome, especially the one of level superior, position are many the national universities that confront serious problems in the qualification, development of professionals in the different races which they are supplied, given to that some faults that have affected the profit of the academic excellence, among them occur: Programs desactualizados to the reality of the scenes of the present, profiles of out of phase professionals of the present exigencies, needs; deficiency of educational with vast experience, absence of investigations, low pays and wages; little motivation of property, threatens of the intervention of the State. To it is added, the flight of Talent that more and more is increased, where many educational ones, especially those that is contracted and even young, new that could enter, prefer to go away to countries that repay better their professional exercise to him, have the opportunity to grow professionally. It does not surprise to us that it is said on the matter, as mentions Ramon Gonzlez Mieres who the academy in those countries to where they go away is very diverse, allowing the investigator to be developed intellectually, in any area that decides. In Venezuela, the universities are depressed and the supplies of work are very deficient. In addition, the very low wage and the places for professors to exclusive dedication are practically nonexistent. If the university secures a position for the aspiring to professor, is necessary to hope months and until a year to be able to receive the first wage.


The compatibilizao between the social, economic and ambient objectives becomes a concrete possibility with the scientific and technological advances? basic mediator of the relations of the economy and the society with the nature? with the ambient conscience of the humanity. Combination of these two factors allow a redefinition of the interactions between the economic dynamics, the social structure and ecosystems, reorganizing, therefore, the proper model of development. The ambient conscience confers sustentation politics for the changes, and the technological innovations redefine and can moderate the tensions (trade-offs) between the economy and the nature (Buarque, 1999). Another goal that can be longed for in the composition of the accumulation, says respect to the order of the urban structure of the reached region, has since the economic dynamism fortifies the cities that currently survive exclusively of the transference of federal and state resources. The adopted politics of regional development in Brazil in the last few decades were almost always guided for great projects, what it brought surtos of man power demand, when of the implantation of these, therefore the existing difficulties in the peripheral regions induced the exodus for the centers of investments. However, a time concluded, they start to operate with one reduced contingent of workers, being generated an enormous excess without any possibilities to find other chances of work. The result of this politics was a fast disordered urban growth, appearing peripheries and extremely devoid habitacionais nuclei of basic services to the population, that lives in inadequate areas of the ambient and sanitary point of view. It is important to consider that incuo becomes to stimulate the constitution of accumulations of MPEs as instrument of local development, without has a municipal strategical planning, with perspectives of short medium and long run aiming at the exploitation of the available potentialities. The elaboration and execution of a strategical planning can bring innumerable advantages for the local development, between them would be: It provides to a sistmica vision of the place in relation to its environment, promoting a local development from the rational exploration of the available potentialities; It assists in identification factors favorable and favorable to its development; It assists in the identification of chances and threats; It provides a bigger integration between the actors who compose the place; It assists in the taking of decisions in the gift in function of future consequences.

African Law and Technology

In accordance with the 1850 legislation, Law Eusbio de Queiroz that finished with I traffic of Blacks; 1871 Law Rio Branco (Law of the Free Womb) where the enslaved son of was born exempts even so, to only leave it coexists of the mother the eight years of age, exactly thus was considered free; 1885 Law Sarava – Cotegipe (Law of the Sexagenarians) that it gave to right the freedom aged and finally the Golden Law, Abolition of the enslaved ones in Brazil. With the end of the initial slave traffic, the release process that stops the society that made the use of the hand of enslaved workmanship and that it would be finishes natural it and not to need the abolition. In America our country was one of the last ones that still it had blacks in senzala, and forced work, many abolitionists had fought against the slavery. Ideologically for right apprehension and to guarantee constitution that was presented for all, but had legitimacy, effectiveness, different and hierarchy that if dealt with White men and Black men. This objective article you trace it a parameter of Brazilian racism, not comparing with another form of racism, but for the consequence of relation of racism internal, that you give chain for day Three of May, making one high analysis of what it would be for the Blacks Day of commemoration, day of reflection or day of the republican lie. I believe this contributing so that the Black movement of our city has looks, but the commented one for the question of the blacks in the Politics Publishes. That alavanque the proposal of the Advice of the Blacks and has a basic paper for development implementation of Law 10,639/03 and 11,645/08 that and of boundary line importance for growth, knowledge of African History and Brazilian afro-descendant, not only of the point of view of the ruling class that always placing in them as a bother in the society, the paper with Educator and shown with that lode of Technology African for the progress and advance of our country in agriculture, culinria, technology of chainses and others, to advance with new idea so that Advice of Negros and Coordenadoria can deliberate together with the Politics of the Racial Equality in the City of the Taboo of the Mountain range.