Alarm System

Carlos Blackberry vanegas has been written, that the flight of talent is very a well established alarm system: if one of good, the OK goes away, if two go away, three, four, then ones already are an alert tendency. If the company reacts saying: there they, will regret, ratifies the pathology. If the phrase nobody is indispensable becomes dogma, then those that are no longer run risks nor take initiatives; they fall back and they intrench. The Venezuelan reality as for the education is very worrisome, especially the one of level superior, position are many the national universities that confront serious problems in the qualification, development of professionals in the different races which they are supplied, given to that some faults that have affected the profit of the academic excellence, among them occur: Programs desactualizados to the reality of the scenes of the present, profiles of out of phase professionals of the present exigencies, needs; deficiency of educational with vast experience, absence of investigations, low pays and wages; little motivation of property, threatens of the intervention of the State. To it is added, the flight of Talent that more and more is increased, where many educational ones, especially those that is contracted and even young, new that could enter, prefer to go away to countries that repay better their professional exercise to him, have the opportunity to grow professionally. It does not surprise to us that it is said on the matter, as mentions Ramon Gonzlez Mieres who the academy in those countries to where they go away is very diverse, allowing the investigator to be developed intellectually, in any area that decides. In Venezuela, the universities are depressed and the supplies of work are very deficient. In addition, the very low wage and the places for professors to exclusive dedication are practically nonexistent. If the university secures a position for the aspiring to professor, is necessary to hope months and until a year to be able to receive the first wage.

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