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Aesthetic Function

Beyond these aspects, the product, according to Gomes Son (2006), if characterizes for three functions. They are: Practical function can be understood as ' ' the adequacy of the product to the physiological necessities of the user in terms, for example: of use easiness, prevention of fatigue, offers of comfort, security and eficcia' '. (P. 43) Aesthetic function ' ' it is the psychological aspect of the multissensorial perception that has as main attribute the enjoyment of the beauty, the pleasure and contemplativo well-being in relation to data object, on the part of usurio.' ' (P. 43) Symbolic function if bases ' ' in the function aesthetic-deed of division of the product, in the dimensions semiticas' '. It is on, despite indirectly, to the practical function.

The symbolic function is disclosed by means of the style. (P. 44) the aesthetic function of the product, according to Norman (2004), can influence the individual how much to its form to think, thanks to the attractive object fact to provide welfare sensation, despertando the creativity. The emotions also can intervene with the form as the individual sees an object. Norman (2004) explains that a product presented with positive affective characteristics can be more pleasant to eyes of the consumer and that the form as the individual if relates with the product or with the mark they can be on to its previous experiences. When it has satisfactory sensation how much to the product, either it for the fulfilment of its functions, the performance or its usability, this product will be able to get success; in case that contrary, it will be predestinold to the failure. The same author still quotation that the differences of personality and behavior of the individual must be analyzed to if developing a product and that the products in its majority must be sensible to these differences.

Auditorio Rocio Jurado

Bye Bye rivers Rock until the end.Miguel Rios says goodbye this is the name of the last grand tour of the granadino Miguel Rios, which aims to go dismissing a public which, generation after generation, has a good handful of years siguendole. A tour that will visit cities like Merida, Zaragoza, Logrono and Valladolid, after spending in 2010 by Granada, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, A Coruna and Santander, where the audience enjoyed and vibrated with the King of rock and roll in his new career. The Seville concert, last of his tour, will take place on 17 September in the Auditorio Rocio Jurado, in the Isla de la Cartuja, very close to our hotels in Sevilla and will be the singer in all his public farewell..


National Magazine Exchange President Figueres promoted sustainable development as a framework for the actions of their government. This program was based on three pillars: first, transforming the Costa Rican economy towards higher productivity, with special emphasis on technology. Secondly, that Costa Rican society express greater solidarity, creating opportunities for the common welfare. And thirdly, that the society will develop in harmony with nature (the book of Leonardo Garnier, ‘Governance in Times of Change: Administration Figueres Olsen’). His administration is known for working to advance and promote greater integration of Costa Rica in the global economy.

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Day The International Of Libro

Today it is the Day the International of Libro promulgated by UNESCO, commemorating the death of three great writers:Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Garcilaso of the Fertile valley. From 1964, this day it officially stayed instituted as the Day of Libro for all the countries of Castilian and Portuguese language. In addition, in 1993, the then European Community proclaimed, it like European Day of Libro. Finally, UNESCO decided, in 1995, to fix the 23 of April for the celebration of the World-wide Day of Libro. The Day the International of Libro will be commemorated in the Galician Community at the same time as the 125 anniversary of the death of Rosala de Castro. The day of Sant Jordi is custom in Catalonia that the men give a rose to his wifves, and the women a book to the men by reference to the popular legend according to which in territories of Capadocia, although popularly speech of Montblanc, was a Dragoon that attacked matador and wreck to the kingdom. The town decided that to avoid the attacks they would give a person every day to be devoured by the dragoon and thus to avoid damages majors.

Every day a drawing was made and it was sent to this person to the cave of the dragoon. A day of the drawing left the name the princess, who was walking until the guarida one of the dragoon and when she was going this one it to devour appeared San Jorge she rescued and it. San Jorge killed to the Dragoon nailing to him the sword in the heart and from the blood that flowed a rose was born.