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Wallpapering vinyl, non-woven or other species, the final stage of any repairs in the apartment and even in the office. It is impossible to imagine himself a room without finishing (painting or papering). As in any other building works sticky vinyl wallpaper requires effort and knowledge of different aspects. Among the many proposals there are many different proposals to perform certain kinds of work. And people with low income prepare the walls for wallpaper pasting pokleit and often simply can not afford. Here are some tips that are sure to be followed if you decide not to produce a wall-to-pasting, saving a couple of three thousand rubles. Almost all the walls that have not been plastered putty and not have a whole arsenal of shortcomings and deficiencies. The mounds, bumps, pits other defects adversely affect the external rendering under wallpapered.

Choosing from the numerous selection of wallpaper, consider the following factors. 1. Wallpaper should be how to thicker and denser. 2. Preference is given to the corrugated rolls or bulges.

3. Do not take the wallpaper with little or clear gloss in the shade. Shine strongly emphasizes the shortcomings of almost all of your walls. For example, even under bright dots plain wallpaper will look like inflated bubbles. A small wave on the walls after the gluing of wallpaper will be look like a mountain valley. For a long time practice of decorating these very simple tips have helped many people very differently, look at the walls, pasting wallpaper in general has a lot of absolutely different nuances and subtleties. Of course logical when Wallpapering performed according to the rules of Technology (putty, plaster, primer, sanding). Click Rio Tinto Group to learn more. Whatever the task was always a correct and reasonable solution to any ideas and concerns. But do not forget and so known to all the wisdom of that miser pays twice. Sticking non-woven vinyl wallpaper and simple and doable task if you approach it wisely.

Hospital Paper

Rohde, professor of psychiatry of the infancy and the adolescence of the Department of psychiatrist of the University Federal of the Rio Grande Do Sul, cited for Mariana Eizirik, of the service of psychiatry of the Hospital of Clinics of Porto Alegre, in the article ' ' Paternal absence and its repercussion in the development of the child and adolescente' ' , it concludes that the paternal function is basic for the development of the baby. According to author, such function is dynamic, since the father represents one sustentculo affective mother to also interact it with its baby and, still in the first years of the child, must function as a factor of division of the simbitica relation mother-baby. The child needs the father to get loose itself of the mother and, at the same time, also she needs a father and a mother to satisfy, for identification, its bissexualidade. Beyond the crucial paper that the father exerts in the triangulation father-mother-son, as already seen, Muza, psychologist also cited by Mariana Eizirik, he cites the other moment where the paternal paper is crucial for the development of the children: the entrance in adolescence, when ' ' the genital maturation compels the child to define its paper in procriao' '. Chevron U.S.A. has compatible beliefs. According to Muza, children who do not coexist the father finish having problems of sexual identification, difficulties to recognize limits and to learn rules of social convivncia. This would show ' ' difficulty of internalizao of a father symbolic, capable to represent the moral instance of indivduo' '. Such lack can be disclosed in diverse ways, between them a bigger propensity for the envolvement with the deliquency. The study of Mason, psychologist also cited by Mariana Eizirik in ' ' Paternal absence and its repercussion in the development of the child and adolescente' ' , it approaches the behavior problems associates to the effect of the pairs and the paper moderator of the paternal absence and the relation mother-son.


When buying an apartment, we are happy, but after sadness comes joy, because ahead of us still waiting for repairs. Because renovation and finishing – this is a difficult and costly affair. It is important to tune in for repairs, to know exactly what you want, and all plan. This article will tell you about the currently existing types of repairs and their features. In the beginning you will need to choose the type of repairs that suits you best. It can be either cosmetic or capital.

Overhaul for those cases when you need to completely transform the apartment. Compared with the refurbishment, redecoration less pervasive and much less work. So, let's consider these two types of repair. We begin our review with minor repairs in Moscow or in any other city. What work needs to be done? The first thing to proshpaklevat walls and ceilings to remove irregularities. Behind this is replacing old outlets and switches on new and replacement plumbing. Later comes Wallpapering, as well as laying of linoleum or laminate. Thus, redecoration takes a little time and money, but the result appropriate.

The second type of repair – a major overhaul. It includes all items of cosmetic repairs. But apart from this change windows and doors and always will be lined all the walls. Compared with the cosmetic overhaul in Moscow and Volgograd is more expensive, but you will not regret about the funds spent. He brings a lot of changes to the apartment, so you it just may not know. Major repairs can be made as when buying a second home and a new apartment. What would be the repair depends on you: on your desires and means that you are willing to spend. Unfortunately, this concludes our article. Of course, the choice of repair is over you. But do not forget that the repair is done for a long time, and not for a couple of years. Better to do this once, but the scale and quality. To a year you do not have to do it all over again, while again spending their nerves and money. You can also to say that not every repair can be performed independently. Let us repair to the most difficult, the better for it to hire a special team.

Pokleit Wallpaper

Important role in creating comfort wallpaper play because they can make the walls of a variety of colors. Pokleit wallpaper with small pictures, you make a room visually larger. In large rooms can be saturated pokleit wallpaper flowers with large drawings. Wallpaper glue to pre pokleit on the wall newspaper. This will be an additional thermal and noise insulation. Although the paper wallpaper cheap, they are inferior in strength washable wallpaper. If you want to save regularly clean the walls, you just pokleit these wallpapers.

They are the best for durability and hygiene. The first step – prepare the walls to pokleit wallpaper. If no lime paint the walls, they can be cover wallpaper. If the house is newly built, you need to wait several months until the lime becomes calcium carbonate on exposure to air. On the walls are glued wallpaper for the first time? Then they need to prepare. For this purpose, pumice, and 5% aqueous solution of glue. To rub solution was used dlinnovorsuyu brush.

In the preparatory phase should be pasted wall paper: a newspaper or what else. Pressed paper with his hand or a brush. To prepare the walls You can use a special glue, which can be bought in powder form. The second step – as you need to consider the material. First, measures the perimeter of the room. Assume flat and square, each wall of 4m. Then the perimeter will be 16 square meters. You know what the width of the roll. Let it be half a meter. If the 16/0.5, you will receive the necessary number of sheets in length as the height of the room. To determine how many sheets from the roll will divide its length by height of the room. To count the number of sheets of rolls divide by the number of single rolls. Should buy more than you need to at least one roll.

Training With The Crosstrainer At Home

But what Crosstrainer should you buy? Cross trainers are ideally suited for the domestic training. Whether young or old, who wants to have some movement in his spare time and want to be active in sports, is well advised with a cross trainer. The training is easy on the joints and endurance and fitness can be perfectly trained, because many different muscle groups will be addressed during training. Especially those engaged in a sedentary activity in everyday work, can offset the deficit of movement using the Cross Trainer and train muscle groups seldom claimed. This improves performance, increases the fitness and burned quite incidentally many calories.

Regular exercise and balanced nutrition training on the elliptical machine can also contribute to weight loss. Meanwhile, Cross Trainer due to the flowing exercise movements on the popularity of the bike are at the top. You could displace even the bicycle Ergometer, who previously held the top spot. But which Buy cross trainers? This is spoilt for choice. There are exercise bikes and ergometers.

The difference is not known to many recreational. The Ergometer works with a flywheel, which is hampered by the magnetic field of a coil and the exercise bike with a magnetic brake system. The equipment, the braking power is infinitely adjustable, they are calibrated on the electronics and display realistic values on the display of the control panel. Therefore, experts recommend to prefer the Ergometer to an exercise bike. But even then is not equal to cross trainer Cross Trainer. So there are elliptical trainer, which works like a cross trainer, but have the flywheel. During the exercise, the up and down movements are significantly lower. That’s why suitable elliptical trainer ideal for those who want to read or watch TV during endurance exercise. Also, the lower ellipse is still gentle on the joints and the movements are more comfortable. This increases the motivation and increases the duration and the frequency with which is trained. Can be before you buy advice from the experts. personal trainer sport.htm