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Attracts New Partners

Asian countries have put the batteries and have started to take very seriously the security measures and the quality of the products that supply to the rest of the planet. That’s what shows the barometer for the last quarter of 2010 developed by AsiInspection (), the company dedicated to perform quality control and inspection services, audit and Laboratory Test for importers. And it is that imports from countries of the far East come ever closer to our hands after having passed rigorous control measures. The data are more than positive since after the bad experiences that have lived with certain products, importers have decided to demand articles without risks. This therefore affects the manufacturer that is now beginning to be aware of that if you want to do business must meet a number of requirements, explains Alex Makow, Director General for Spain, Italy and Portugal AsiInspection. Middle East, the new partner if there is a significant data and striking is the emergence of a new participant that has bet with vigour by the Made in China: Middle East. The figures speak for themselves.

The increase has been 95% if in U.S. inspections have increased by 6%, in this region of the planet. They are record numbers, but this also means the start of a new relationship between two important actors on the international scene by the power that treasure. The result is clear, oil for the Asian giant and selling goods to Middle East, analyzes Makow. Textiles to Chinese head takes to all corners of the world of all kinds of products but if there is an absolute leader that is the textile sector. The data thus manifested. 23.7% Of total imports produced in Spain in that market, come from this country. A fact that has increased six-fold in the last decade.

Displacing the domestic manufacturer because their costs are infinitely minors and the quality of a garment, provided that there is quality audits of through, is the same that can have one made here, says Alex Makow, Director General for Spain, Italy and Portugal AsiInspection. Each time they grow more, have better conditions and although forecasts predicted a decline in their exports, they have demonstrated that they are still leaders and, most importantly, growing at a dizzying pace regardless of that are emerging new powers regarding exports such as India or Viet Nam, ends.

Members of Society

The claim of rights has as base the idea of that all the members of the society must morally be responsible, so that they can develop an equality relation, assuming right and duties that the citizenship demands. To legally characterize the mental sick person between the citizens means an appropriation of the tradition and a process of public argument critical, in elapsing of the which competing conceptions of identity and legitimacy politics they are articulated, contested and refined (Minow, 1997; Habermas, 1974, P. 102) apud Maia and Fernandes (2002). CRIME AND MADNESS After the psychiatric reform installed by Law 10,216, of 2001, the society started to rethink the destination given to the said citizens ' ' loucos' '. Intense debates are ranks in question regarding the best form of treatment, if with internments and the use of psicofrmacos of a side or the proposal of recovery from the integration of the carrier in the community. Before this, sick person mental was predestinold to pass remaining portion of its life confined in lunatic asylums judiciary, without this could enter in contact with the delict that committed and from there, to construct one to know on such act, beyond being directed for treatment. The against-reform argues that madness is organic and must be treated way medication, electro has shocked, psicocirurgia, among others. In the biologicista conception if the patient it does not answer to the medication the trend well is to increase its dose, what most of the time it implies in a situation still worse, where ' ' louco' ' it has its suffering aggravated with the adverse reactions of the drugs. The citizenship and the freedom are ingredients key for improvement of the mental suffering. As Days (2009) the necessary mental sick person to pay for the crime that committed, this fact in itself, consists in a therapeutical form to reestablish the bow social.