African Law and Technology

In accordance with the 1850 legislation, Law Eusbio de Queiroz that finished with I traffic of Blacks; 1871 Law Rio Branco (Law of the Free Womb) where the enslaved son of was born exempts even so, to only leave it coexists of the mother the eight years of age, exactly thus was considered free; 1885 Law Sarava – Cotegipe (Law of the Sexagenarians) that it gave to right the freedom aged and finally the Golden Law, Abolition of the enslaved ones in Brazil. With the end of the initial slave traffic, the release process that stops the society that made the use of the hand of enslaved workmanship and that it would be finishes natural it and not to need the abolition. In America our country was one of the last ones that still it had blacks in senzala, and forced work, many abolitionists had fought against the slavery. Ideologically for right apprehension and to guarantee constitution that was presented for all, but had legitimacy, effectiveness, different and hierarchy that if dealt with White men and Black men. This objective article you trace it a parameter of Brazilian racism, not comparing with another form of racism, but for the consequence of relation of racism internal, that you give chain for day Three of May, making one high analysis of what it would be for the Blacks Day of commemoration, day of reflection or day of the republican lie. I believe this contributing so that the Black movement of our city has looks, but the commented one for the question of the blacks in the Politics Publishes. That alavanque the proposal of the Advice of the Blacks and has a basic paper for development implementation of Law 10,639/03 and 11,645/08 that and of boundary line importance for growth, knowledge of African History and Brazilian afro-descendant, not only of the point of view of the ruling class that always placing in them as a bother in the society, the paper with Educator and shown with that lode of Technology African for the progress and advance of our country in agriculture, culinria, technology of chainses and others, to advance with new idea so that Advice of Negros and Coordenadoria can deliberate together with the Politics of the Racial Equality in the City of the Taboo of the Mountain range.

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