Electoral Campaign

What I could appreciate in eta electoral campaign, was like Lourdes after having been in the summit of the surveys, could be surpassed by Susana, and I create (without fear to mistake to me) that this happened, with the aid of Jaime Bayly. But this indicates the low level of intellectual personality and own will to us of the citizen of on foot. The facility with which it is let manipulate the public opinion. Jaime – reason why he said last night in his program – already stopped of the arlequinada idea to want to be president, then the future candidates to the presidency, will be seeing or the possibility of having an approach or friendship with this personage who knows like manipulating the public opinion, is in the channel that is. Jaime is right when he says that he is not right that channel 2 is showing those cintillos in which says that it does not support with the opinions spilled in his program, because it is logical to suppose that how they are possible to be opposed to that still it is not said? , Or it is a part only to which they are against? , and then to which they are not against? The appreciation is a little complicated. But also it is certain that Jaime cannot try that the channel thinks just as. As also it is certain that a journalist cannot be aduln of anybody (referred to Alan Garci’a) but also is certain that she flatters to Susana Villarn, then falls in contradiction. I believe that a good spectator must consider all these shades of appreciations, to be able to emit an acceptable judgment and to know how to discern that he is the correct thing and that he is not it. At least it is my case.

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