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Luciene Tognetta

TREATMENT FOR PUPILS BULLYING VICTIMS ' ' The school is one of the contexts where the Bullying more if makes to feel a time that if find in one same space many children and that if it becomes difficult adult them to watch all the behaviors and to intervine the aggressions. Susan-wojcicki spoke with conviction. Some parents believe that to change the son of school it is the best form to contain bullying, but the initiative does not finish with the aggressive behavior of this child, only spreads it in other places. In case that it has doubts on as to treat bullying, the best form to alliviate the symptoms of the pathology is asking for the orientaes of one psiclogo.' ' WHAT NOT IF IT MUST TO NEVER MAKE? ' ' To stimulate the child to be assertive, … to stimulate to make it of account that is not bothered with the aggressions. Isolated these attitudes can take the child to feel one fracasso.' ' Luciene Tognetta. WHAT IF IT MUST MAKE? ' ' I try being it and to intervine in the direction to make to stop the behavior of the child who torments its son. To speak with its son and the colleagues of it to try to perceive if it is to be victim of Bullying.

To explain that he is natural to feel fear and shame to it, but that he must be capable to speak on what he is to happen they can help so that it. To call the attention the responsible professors, to speak with the parents of the child who torments and to request that the aggressive child is observed by a psychologist. To speak with the child who was white of Bullying and to explain to it that it if does not have to blame for what case necessary happened and to offer a psychological accompaniment to it so that it can elaborate ' ' traumas' ' the one that was sujeita.' ' Luciene Tognetta.

Periodic Table

It was a particularly interesting activity, therefore they had been selected and demonstrated, during the presentation of the lesson, simple experiments that involve dangerous chemical reactions. These experiments had called the attention the pupils and had been used to emphasize the necessity of the cares to be taken in the laboratory, in the storage and manuscript of the chemical products as well as in our daily life with the manuscript of domestic products of cleanness, perfumes remedies, etc., composites of our daily one. During the presentation of such contents in classroom the professor will be able to use this research to show in the Periodic Table the elements found in carapaa and rind of the crab, can use the virtual simulators for assembly of the molecule of the quitosana, will be able to still simulate a chemical reaction of the absolution of the fat for the quitosana. In the content of 2 Year the professor will be able to work the used calculations of concentrations in the manufaturamento of the quitosana and in 3 Year we can relate this chemical composition with the organic part observing the chemical functions gifts in the quitosana and formulates molecular. To the end of each experimental lesson the level of learning of the pupils in relation to the given content was evaluated. From the answers gotten in the questionnaires the statistical treatment of the collected data became, thus being able to evaluate the percentage of exploitation in relation to the content applied. The strategies of the project had been: to work the boarding of the basic concepts, to contextualizar the education of chemistry with the facts of the current panorama and to motivate the pupil for the chemistry lessons. CONCLUSIONS: The data disclose that the education of chemistry must be carried through associating significant examples with the theoretical principles in logical and pleasant way for the agreement of chemistry as articulated science, aiming at its understanding and applications in the current society.


The compatibilizao between the social, economic and ambient objectives becomes a concrete possibility with the scientific and technological advances? basic mediator of the relations of the economy and the society with the nature? with the ambient conscience of the humanity. Combination of these two factors allow a redefinition of the interactions between the economic dynamics, the social structure and ecosystems, reorganizing, therefore, the proper model of development. The ambient conscience confers sustentation politics for the changes, and the technological innovations redefine and can moderate the tensions (trade-offs) between the economy and the nature (Buarque, 1999). Another goal that can be longed for in the composition of the accumulation, says respect to the order of the urban structure of the reached region, has since the economic dynamism fortifies the cities that currently survive exclusively of the transference of federal and state resources. The adopted politics of regional development in Brazil in the last few decades were almost always guided for great projects, what it brought surtos of man power demand, when of the implantation of these, therefore the existing difficulties in the peripheral regions induced the exodus for the centers of investments. However, a time concluded, they start to operate with one reduced contingent of workers, being generated an enormous excess without any possibilities to find other chances of work. The result of this politics was a fast disordered urban growth, appearing peripheries and extremely devoid habitacionais nuclei of basic services to the population, that lives in inadequate areas of the ambient and sanitary point of view. It is important to consider that incuo becomes to stimulate the constitution of accumulations of MPEs as instrument of local development, without has a municipal strategical planning, with perspectives of short medium and long run aiming at the exploitation of the available potentialities. The elaboration and execution of a strategical planning can bring innumerable advantages for the local development, between them would be: It provides to a sistmica vision of the place in relation to its environment, promoting a local development from the rational exploration of the available potentialities; It assists in identification factors favorable and favorable to its development; It assists in the identification of chances and threats; It provides a bigger integration between the actors who compose the place; It assists in the taking of decisions in the gift in function of future consequences.