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European Summit

Carlos Mora Vanegas many expectations were opened in the V Summit Latin American – Union European takes place in Lima, Peru, not only to discuss the serious problem facing planet Earth in relation to food, hunger, but with regard to the serious problem of Global warming is 13,000 police, including 48 snipers and a detection equipment radiation able to locate radioactive waste have been deployed in the city to more than 100 meters, said the local press. The two themes of this Summit are poverty, inequality and inclusion, and sustainable development, environment, climate change and energy. The Bolivarian News Agency noted, Brazil came to this meeting with the objective of deepening the discussion on topics that are extremely important at this time: the climate issue, the energy issue and the food, according to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on his arrival in Lima, to participate in Latin America-EU Summit V European. Lula called contradictory criticisms of biofuels, of which Brazil is a leading producer with its ethanol from sugar cane.They want to decontaminate the planet, combating global warming, signed the Kyoto Protocol, and when Brazil offers a fuel not emitting CO2, prefer to use one that emits; that is a contradiction, he said. Brazil is the second largest world producer of ethanol (made from sugar cane), with 22 billion liters in 2007 – the 32.6 per cent of the production world–behind the United States, which produced 28 billion, from corn. Faced with global warming and the oil price tripped, Lula defends the increase in biofuel production in the region, but in recent months they went from ecological fuel for excellence to be questioned and viewed with mistrust by defenders of the environment and the European organizations. The Summit, specifically discusses issues on poverty, inequality and inclusion and Sustainable development, environment, climate change and energy, the spokesman said that this Summit will have the merit that will lead to the point of break in relation to these topics. .


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Measuring Agreements

For North (1993), the private initiative would have to act freely in the market, with the society acting free and creative, what it does not mean the inexistence of rules, even so it demonstrates concern with the uncertainties proceeding from the social and economic environment of the agents. But so that this occurs it is necessary that the market is competitive and that the population possesss a good level of education to search these solutions creative. The uncertainties, according to author, make with that they increase the costs of the transactions, therefore the economic agents will not have security, or rules that assure to the end of the contract, that its product it will the same continue having value of market. It defends that behavior norms will have to be developed that will go to support and to legitimize the rules created for the public power and agent economic to prevent its instability. For it, the politics close and is directly related with the economic development that creates and makes to fulfill the property rights efficiently and the organizations are the main agents of a society.

Political Measuring and enforcing agreements in markets is to far lives difficult. To measure and to make to fulfill to agreements politicians in the markets are very difficult. What is being exchanged (between constituents and legislators in democracy) is promises will be votes. What he is being changed between the voters and the legislators in a democracy they are promises of votes. To voter has little stimulates you become informed because the likelihood that one' s votes matters is infinitesimal; to further the complexity of the issues produces genuine uncertainty. The voter has little incentive to become informed (&). Political Enforcement of agreements is beset by difficulties. Execution of agreements politicians if comes across with difficulties. Competition is to far less effective than in economic markets.

Tarot Y El Amor

When it comes to tarot consultations about love, frequently asked questions arising during the reading of letters have to do precisely with the dynamics of romantic relationships. Therefore, always arises the question of how to maximize a circulation of tarot of love to get all the answers we seek. The most common questions in the course of such practices are linked to the amorous reality of the consultant, i.e., relationships, marriage, divorce and the ideal couple. Of course each of these aspects is extremely broad and it is very complex to perform observations point if there is insufficient or biased information. Omit data that may be central to the interpretation of the reading is, precisely, one of the most common mistakes made by the consultants. Who have not managed to leave behind his skepticism regarding the tarot of love you should not waste time applying for a circulation of letters, given that when booking certain information, the Tarot reader will be reading in a wrong direction. An incorrect interpretation can not only cause confusion, but it can also cause great harm. When it comes to their interpretation of the message offered by the deck, a good Tarot reader will know how to adapt it to the reality of each consultant, by it is advisable to ask the questions of the most specific and determined manner.

There are different ways to explain and convey what the letters say, the reading will be more personal and punctual in the measure that will provide more information to the Seer. As an example, we can cite the case of someone who wants to know if he is being victim of any infidelity. Instead of making vague and general questions, you should inquire directly, bluntly, if your partner is unfaithful. In the course of a reading of Tarot cards about love, can appear any person that is relevant in the loving plane who requested the inquiry. The father, a brother, or a very close friend, can appear as the cards are thrown away. This is why the psychic need Learn some important information to provide a correct interpretation of the meaning of the letters. From here to the general context in which questions, the place chosen for the tarot reading for love, in conjunction with the intuition and the suitability of the Seer, build in line for valuable answers. Jesus Thompson original author and source of the article

Public Power

Disaster of the model of Fox Mountain range of the Sun in Mato Grosso of the South In what it refers to the process of aboriginal land landmark, has two basic modalities to accomplish such procedure. In accordance with the especificidades of the indians, identified for the antropolgicos studies, the Public Power can demarcate continuous, global areas; as well as it can demarcate broken up areas, in ‘ ‘ ilhas’ ‘ , always taking in consideration the basic resources for the preservation of the culture of the aboriginal peoples. In the case of landmark of the reserve Fox Mountain range of the Sun, the antropolgicos studies had identified that it had the lack for the constitution of aboriginal reserve in continuous areas, a time that the indians of that region presented nomadic habits, as well as had a pacific convivncia, needing, in this meantime, of free-transit for circulation of a place for another one, and of satiated areas to keep its collecting habits and of extensive culture. No longer that if it relates to the Mato Grosso of the South, a process of landmark in continuous areas would represent a disaster in virtue of the especificidades of the aboriginals of this region. The sulmatogrossenses etnias present heterogeneous habits completely, historically, had always kept ferrenhos conflicts between itself. Thus being, a process of delimitation of aboriginal areas of global form would incite disputes between indians of different groups. Ademais has that to take in account the fact of that, in the case of Mato Grosso of the South, a process of territorial landmark of global matrix would enclose urban areas of some sulmatogrossenses cities, what it would provoke population displacements, unemployment and too much decurrent economic damages of these events. Therefore, in Mato Grosso of the South, they are necessary, for the elucidated characteristics already, prompt studies that they aim at to the delimitation of specific and broken up areas of aboriginal domain.

ExrcitoIndustrial Profit

The development of the force, putting in bigger movement one quantidadesempre of means of production for an amount always lesser of work, it makes that each part of the total product, contains little work. Causing umaqueda in the prices of merchandises. The capitalists undertake an exploration maisintensa of the work force, to oppose the fall of the profit tax. Ocapital constantly tends to dilatar the hours of working, to the maximum of physical suapossibilidade, since in the same ratio it increases sobretrabalho e, therefore the profit that of it drift. Marx explains that the process of docapital accumulation, in constant growth, makes to appear an exceeding population dismissed detrabalhadores. The increase of the global capital is not folloied pelademanda of man power, therefore means of production are created without, necessariamenteaumento number of workers. The logic of the accumulation I did without each time more than force detrabalho. Even though, to guarantee the growth, after periods of contraction.

It does not have doubts that the enrichment of the classroom of the capitalists, if of the pelaexplorao of the laboring classroom. In reaction this, sindicaisque appears the movements reacts to the exploration which are submitted. However, with capitalismoassumindo a new standard of production, it is observed that these movements tend ase not ' ' quietar' ' its spirits, to suffocate its shouts and I substituted-lospor a pacific position and of neutrality. The cause will be argued maisadiante, as object of study of this article. BASIC 2-NOTION OF the CONSTANT CAPITAL AND the CAPITALVARIVEL to understand the decline of the profit tax and the ExrcitoIndustrial de Reserva, will become necessary to display basic slight knowledge of composiodo capital and the formation of the more-value. The more-value is resulted of the production demercadorias in whose birth if of the one for the alive work, carried through again, eno of the existing means of production.