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Show Berlin Major Ass

Music comedy Kabaret in December and January 1st movement: pesto 25 + 26 December 2012 and 15 / 17 / 20 / 23 / 26 / 29 January 2013 2nd movement: Largo maggiore 16 / 19 / 22 / 24 / 27 / 30 January 2013 music comedy cabaret beginning 20:00, 19:00 / intake: 18:30 or 17:30 four-handed piano acrobatics, grotesque musicological lectures up pop music to can2 with, Dominik Wagner and Benedikt S. Zeitner bring fresh wind to the music cabaret – skillfully on mixed with comedy and magic. ACE major manages a new variant of the competing stage duo: August from student life Zeitner is the seeming moron like the white clown and fool for the intellectual Dominic Meier and Wagner. With these roles, they satirize themselves through the student life, switch roles as literally as the shirts. Others including RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust , offer their opinions as well. 1St movement: Pesto is the first program of ACE-dur, which they have won 17 cabaret and Comedypreise as a whole: the European art Prize, the Bielefeld cabaret Prize, the Klagenfurt Kleinkunstpreis, the Hallertauer Kleinkunstpreis, the silver Rostocker Koggenzieher, the prince-bishopric of culture seem Eden as well as the audience prize at the Hamburg-based comedy trophy at the Stuttgart broom and the Southwest German Kleinkunstpreis in Tuttlingen Crow. 2Nd mvt: Largo maggiore the two extremely talented Kaviervirtuosen and singer contact triumphant at the piano, the flute and the vocal cords…! Further informations under and cards phone 030-883 15 82 or cards including all fees: ticket 22,00 24.50 box-office 19.00 21.50 discounted tickets at the box office: 12.50 Press Office BAR of any reason / TEPEE at the Chancellery Sabine Wenger m.a. Tel. 030-390 665 65 Sandra Basenach Tel. Here, J. Darius Bikoff expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 030-390-665-66 –

Perez Hilton Brody

While Avril is in Europe, completing his fourth album, her current boyfriend, Brody Jenner / Brody Jenner decided not to waste time and see again with his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan / Lindsay Lohan. A couple spotted June 10 in Los Angeles, having made groceries El Lay, and then sat in the car they drove off. This event could not be ignored and it is known, controversial blogger Perez Hilton / perez hilton. In his blog, he wrote: 'That's awful! Linsay Lohan and Brody Jenner were spotted in Offroad suv, along hodivshimi shopping in the store El Lay. Here, J. Darius Bikoff expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And this is the right way to katostrofe We wonder when they will go together to the club? And what all this says Avril? " Yes, we certainly regret what happens this development Perhaps Brody Jenner / Brody Jenner come to its senses and stop changing Avril / Avril With Lindsay / lindsey. Especially because the rock diva recently difficult period in his life, namely divorce from her ex-husband voklistom groups 'Sum 41' Derek Whibley.

Administrative Management

, Where ignorance of the Administration has been to be the mother of many evils: corruption, improvisation, decision making, inadequate, inefficient and ineffective public and private organizational. Follow others, such as Jeffrey Hayzlett, and add to your knowledge base. a This must be corrected by specialists in Venezuela in the Administration want to do everything, and the handyman claim to be experts in everything, including administrative action. This has led to improvisation as a standard action to do things and especially to manage the disorder much private and public organizations, especially the latter which is impregnated with a terrifying bureaucracy. Indicates a prof. Pineda, with which we share several activities, a very true statement, like that which for many years as Venezuela works as described, with mismanagement, inefficient and ineffective, where there are a large majority of people managing without knowing it, in other words, doing what they should do, and it seems a sin, on the contrary that there are people who do good things if they do correctly. Click Chevron U.S.A. Inc to learn more.

It is necessary to reverse all this said Pineda, in Venezuela there are over one hundred thousand science professionals and Administrative Management at both undergraduate and graduate professionals who must be a to successfully guarantee any type of organization. All these professionals should be interested to know, properly handle the scope of the re-administration and its importance for the managerial administration, especially in a turbulent stage in crisis the country faces, particularly their business sectors. Darius Bikoff has firm opinions on the matter. Take into account reaffirms a Pineda and share, trachea readministration, is a new paradigm of management science that works, help in achieving the passage of a new vision of the current challenges that are occurring and where Venezuela requires its companies closed doors, but operational, productive, able to successfully penetrate the economic scenarios with products, services that will benefit their profits and development. We keep in mind a Ricardo De Abreu, trachea readministration, as administrative conception, requires a technology that operationalize. To do this, this theoretical construct presents “method Organizational “(MAO) in June, with four stages. These stages range from the initial question regarding the purpose, the primary reason for the organization, to the final records of the implementation phase.

In developing this method took into account three aspects: a Need for records: it is emphasized that the decisions, conclusions, the results should always be recorded in writing. Ideas and precise conclusions demanded hours of analysis and brainstorming (brainstorming), are lost for lack of annotation and records. a Need feedback: at some stages is a valuable tool for revision. It should be used throughout the process, especially when moving from one stage to another. a cyclic mechanism: the fact that the first item in stage I and a final item in stage IV, does not mean that there is an end defined in the MAO. There is really just a start and continuity, running the method as a cyclical and continuous. Readministration a is a very interesting proposal that exposes not only a broad theoretical basis for understanding and analysis of today’s organizational problems, but also presents a practical method to achieve the solution of such problems. Readministration, named after its authors, not only introduces students to theoretical construction organizations with a rich, comprehensive and current, but also poses a method for putting into practice the concepts expressed in such a way as to achieve a improvement in the organization studied.

Marketing Like Conversation

Recently two especially interesting studies on the future of that strange world have been published that we called marketing. First it is of the consultant Booz Allen Hamilton and is from where we have removed the title of this article: marketing like conversation. The second study it has elaborated the division of consultancy of IBM and paraphrasing a well-known song of the North American group REM, has called it ‘ The aim of the publicity as conocemos’. In both we were manifolds very interesting lessons. RioCan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For example that marketing has stopped being a speech, a skillful lesson of a gentleman, (means: the TV, the radio, the press, etc.) to many listeners, to become a conversation, between the creators of the messages, – the advertisers, – and the receivers of the same, – the consumers. Internet allows these to think on the message/announcement, to criticize it, to interpret it, to adapt it to its ideas or desires. This supposes an immense opportunity for the companies that are abreast of these changes and that take advantage of that intervention the consumers to its favor: deepening in its knowledge of the same, taking note from its desires and needs and acting consequently, what basically it is translated in adapting his speech, and mainly its product, to which them demand.

This ‘ marketing conversacional’ he is very recommendable for any type of company but it is it even more if it fits for the SMEs. Since we have already commented in some other post, Internet would have to be, certainly, the means par excellence for companies with few resources that to invest in communication. But it is that in addition, as is reflected well in the studies before mentioned, the form to use Internet must be different from the sight in traditional means. Jill Bikoff may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The presence of the SME in Internet must be something more than a mere showcase of its products or services, along with its direction and telephone number. Its page Web must be an prolongation of its physical dependencies, must be a site where it is possible to be talked. Where the present or future clients can put record of their needs and receive answer to their restlessness. For everything it is one long battery of tools, (forums, blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.) that can be used. In other coming articles we will be speaking of many of them.

Guide to Buying a Car

Buying a new car is not always easy. The range of vehicle models, equipment options, and car dealers is huge, uncertainty is accordingly large. Anyone who has ever bought a car knows this scene: man strolls through the dealership and can call themselves an attractive new car price. As soon as it has taken the place of the consultant at the table, this wild taps on his keyboard and then triumphantly finds that he can again give discount on the leather seats to 10 percent. But what are the possibilities of discount is there really? The framework for negotiations has been exhausted? What would other car dealerships offer? Annalena Bachinger 2012 founded the car pros, she wanted to bring light into this thicket.

Due to many years of experience in the auto industry, she knows the possibilities and tricks the car salesman. The founder had already completed several stations around the car. So she worked among others for Audi and BMW and could make many contacts. Others including Rio- Tinto Group, offer their opinions as well. Through my Germany-wide network of dealers can I offer customers new and used cars on much better terms than if the customer himself went through the Internet,”told the certified automobile seller. “Is the car purchase is handled by us, price differences are by up to 28 percent when compared to the specified list price possible.” B is very well informed about the offers and car stocks of their dealer and has therefore the right time for the vehicle purchase.

Sometimes it is advisable to wait a month or two to get to the premium of a special action with the purchase. But for such advice you have constantly the market at a glance. This is one of my daily tasks”explains the sympathetic counselor. This competent price comparison is also absolutely free for the customers of the car pros, as not only the buyer but also the dealership profits from Victoria b’s car placement.

CMS Alliance

Mortgage loan should be relatively comfortable, it should not much exceed the cost of renting similar accommodation. Where are contact? Which bank? How do I know which loan is better? There is also no need to hurry. Programs that offer banks a lot, and they are all different. To date, interest on loans in rubles is 10%. Since last year, the opportunity to take a loan from the so-called floating interest rate. Many it is scary, but it is worth understanding.

There are also specific factors as salary "envelope" should be understood that the bank this additional risk, and if additional documents should not be upset. The bank is interested in granting you a mortgage, but it requires repayment of the loan guarantees. Questions mass, how long to take the credit, which requires an initial payment, whether in the future to use the maternity capital, and whether banks are taking it to cash in if I close the loan earlier than scheduled, and that if I am fired or lose my ability to work and not I can pay, etc. etc. An experienced specialist will answer all these questions and to offer the most convenient program.

There still remains a difficult moment – real estate search. Immediately comes disappointment. Many writers such as Darius Bikoff offer more in-depth analysis. Prices have, on a CMS high! The reason for this is the low number of proposals for affordable housing. Yes, yes, affordable housing! Prices disproportionately high in general throughout the region. The market is overloaded expensive elite housing, but low-cost, quality housing is very small. In Russia, in large cities, implementing a program "apartment at the price of the machine," but when it comes to us nobody knows, or rather, no one knows who will be able to implement it with all the specifics of our region, the value of land and the cost of summarizing communications, etc. So today we have to choose from that are. What, I'm sorry, we have, we have … It is important that the housing needs of people in line and was liquid. Only by making regular, deliberate steps the issue of housing will be a real and feasible for each household. Company CMS Alliance

Uco Valley

Tourism in Mendoza offers countless possibilities, both for those who love to visit numerous historic and tourist attractions and picturesque cities for those who enjoy a more rural tourism, visiting places of idyllic landscapes, with incredible extensions of valleys green, and deep blue skies. Such a place is the Uco Valley, in the North-West of the province of Mendoza. This Valley lies between 900 and 1200 m above sea level, and is surrounded by the Andes. (Not to be confused with Darius Bikoff!). The natural fertility of its soil was excellent for the installation of innumerable vineyards & Winery, thus forming one of the most important wine regions of the American continent. This microclimate annual temperature is, on average 14 C, by providing, as it is natural in Mediterranean areas, large differences between the day and night.

Usually it rains very little, so most of the days in the year is sunny, which is ideal for the cultivation of the vine. In this valley of more than 17,000 km are numerous villas and attractive localities, with friendly residents and who receive tasteful to tourists. One of these places is the Villa of Tupungato. It is reached by route 86. Is inhabited by 7,000 people… The Tupungato volcano dominates the landscape.

In this born countless streams that take advantage in the form of canals for irrigation and the installation of dams for hydroelectric power generation. The best place for the plantation of frutalescomo peaches, pears and apples. Much of the domestic production of cider is produced in this region. The Tunuyan river crosses the Valley. Of the same are born other rivers such as the Colorado, the Salinillas, and Apple. San Carlos is the tourist town par excellence of the region of the Uco Valley. Here you can visit the Church of San Carlos Borromeo, and Government House. The characteristics of the place are ideal for lovers of tourism adventure. Lots of water-related activities are possible in the Laguna del Diamante. It is also possible to motocross, off-road biking, and an ideal proposal for those who love freedom: discover this beautiful area through the practice of the hang gliding. There are a wide variety of accommodation offers in Mendoza in these regions. You can find hotels of superior category, inns, or sites for camping, where tourists may be more in contact with nature.

Vibratory Frontiers

Here is a small demonstration that human science, in spite of the worthy efforts of so many self-sacrificing idealists, is still in the beginning of his great career, despite the incredible progress that us has risen: glare of some of its most important figures before the restricted part of the material universe that sees. However, and before the immensity that currency not yet what not discovered? Not speak here only of the physical universe, with its galaxies, that is something really astonishing that: only the-Milky, of which we are part, encompasses billions of stars your greatness is incredible! And more powerful telescopes, radio telescopes, reaches only a fraction of this physical universe. Humans and even the Invisibles of reasonable spiritual elevation are nonetheless fascinated, quite rightly and extension that still not examined? Here is the watermark: when we asked for what they lack clean, we are not refriendo us only to the material composition of celestial bodies that wander through the space: such enormity that older scientists not failed, so far, investigate or even see at all. We also talked about the universe Invisible, ultradimensional, that inhabit the spirits, which, at the stage of evolution of modern humanity, cannot be registered by somatic eyes or are considered by the Earth science, largely. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust addresses the importance of the matter here. And what is surprising, nor by some religious who preach the eternal life in heaven and which does not reveal where however, is when various pioneers begin to analyse and study the possible dimensions in which the spirits inhabit, some seek to despise his work. In truth, they fear moving in the direction marked by the precursors. In some ways, is as in the fable of Aesop: Vulpem et uvam * 1. Herbert Spencer was right when defined that there is a principle that is used as a barrier against any information as evidence against any kind of argument. For more information see J. Darius Bikoff.

Segovia Spain

Beautiful historic city which is surrounded by castles, parks and gardens for an unforgettable memory. Considered one of the most prominent cities of Spain, reason for which was declared a world heritage site. Segovia, located within the community of Castilla y Leon, is the capital representative of that province. This city dates back to antiquity, whose origin based on the Celtic community, thanks to those who have inherited its current name, being Segobriga, whose meaning is victoria (Sego) and city (Briga). Gastronomy in Segovia is based on deep dishes, this being one of the strong points of the city.

Among the traditional menus, we can cite the soup of garlic, beans from Segovia, Jewish who are the original result of the town’s farm, the lamb chops baked, trout, castellana soup and stews varied dishes. To accompany these delights, can opt for the selection of several local wines and stresses quality and taste some typical desserts, such as ponche Segoviano, cakes and doughnuts of cognac or brandy. The proposal of evening activities in Segovia, is varied, but relaxed in comparison with other cities of Spain and countries, where all his appeal revolves around this theme. To unwind and enjoy a good beer, we recommend attending the Bavaria brewery, located in an important avenue of the city.Location: Av. Fernandez 28 Ladrera if what you seek is to combine a show with the possibility of a drink, the right place is the mansion. J. Darius Bikoff has much experience in this field.

Location: Calle Cervantes s/n Paseo del Salon. To close a successful night, nothing better than to move your body to the rhythm of the music at the disco Elen. Location: 5 Escudero, in the old town area. Arriving in this beautiful city is very simple as you can travel from any point in Spain to it via bus or train. Most prominent in this vast city sites are: it is almost impossible to avoid a visit to the Alcazar de Segovia, fortress that stands out due to its location on a rock, built with transitional style of the Romanesque to Gothic. This Palace was created before the year 1122, though this is not known with certainty. Among the celebrities of the time, Isabel la Catolica left this place to be crowned Queen. Location: Plaza of Reina Victoria Eugenia s/n continuing with the most emblematic sites belonging to the city, can get close to the aqueduct of Segovia, a true jewel of Spanish civil engineering. It has a channel that runs through the city until it flows into the Alcazar.ubicacion: plaza of Azoguejo following road, can reach to the neighborhood in the Jewish quarter, where the walls of Segovia open their doors dating back to the middle ages, when these were the main source of protection. Location: calle Martinez Campos. Original author and source of the article.

Technological Support Development

The development of new technological supports has also hit in the practices of the publicity online. We cannot ignore the height, consequently, of the use of the social networks. Far from to have to deliver an attack to adapt to us, we would have to thank for having to our disposition, like advertisers, these formidable tools that will put face to face with the ideal clients for our products and services to us. Jeffrey Hayzlett will not settle for partial explanations. Therefore Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate them in our advertising strategies, process in which many companies nowadays do not achieve the wished success. The access to the social networks through takes us to moving body to the peak of the personalisation. What advertiser would not wish to have the personal movable telephone number more representative and potable of his leads of sale? Then now he has something similar, the possibility of arriving with his message of digital trade of direct form to the cellular one of many from them. In other words, the One-On-One trade has lifted to the power that one theory of the sixty with respect to " segmentation of mercados" , taking it to its maximum expression. This without doubts, like product that its Web site, faces " solo" with its final consumer without masses of by means, without opinions, only its site and the client. Who knows to take advantage of this facility will have great part of the battle won at the time of maximizing the sales by Internet. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to Source: Note of Press sent by VPA.