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Managing Projects

Approach in results. What you want to obtain of this project? Which is the reason by which you want to undertake it? What motivates to you of him? What internal necessity yours satisfies? How would be a success the project? Well defined Ten which are the results that you want to reach, and tenlo in writing. To count on a finished good definition will allow you: Motivarte: When maintaining the image than you want to realise present in your daily activities, will be easier to have energy, since that image is something attractive for you. All project requires to cross different phases before obtaining the concretion of the objective, often, are those tasks those that crush to us and we lose the north when becoming bored. That happens because the approach concentrates on the tasks and not on the results, if the task is aligned with a result that excites to us, the motivation activates. The secret is to stay focused in the result. Discernir what supports or to you approaches you your goal and what limits to you or it distances to you of this one. Effective work can to be transformed simply to ask itself: this activity, it supports to me to obtain what I want? it is aligned and so I want to produce? it approaches me the profit? It checks what things that beams are not aligned with your intention, and look for to delegate them, to give them by complete or renegotiating them, so that they do not distract your approach nor they consume your time.

Acceder to more information and solutions: When using the ascending reticular system (a small apparatus in our brain). This one has the function to classify and to filter information of our reality to make it accessible to our mind. To activate this one filter aligned with your intention will allow you to extend your perception to find what you need. .