ExrcitoIndustrial Profit

The development of the force, putting in bigger movement one quantidadesempre of means of production for an amount always lesser of work, it makes that each part of the total product, contains little work. Causing umaqueda in the prices of merchandises. The capitalists undertake an exploration maisintensa of the work force, to oppose the fall of the profit tax. Ocapital constantly tends to dilatar the hours of working, to the maximum of physical suapossibilidade, since in the same ratio it increases sobretrabalho e, therefore the profit that of it drift. Marx explains that the process of docapital accumulation, in constant growth, makes to appear an exceeding population dismissed detrabalhadores. The increase of the global capital is not folloied pelademanda of man power, therefore means of production are created without, necessariamenteaumento number of workers. The logic of the accumulation I did without each time more than force detrabalho. Even though, to guarantee the growth, after periods of contraction.

It does not have doubts that the enrichment of the classroom of the capitalists, if of the pelaexplorao of the laboring classroom. In reaction this, sindicaisque appears the movements reacts to the exploration which are submitted. However, with capitalismoassumindo a new standard of production, it is observed that these movements tend ase not ' ' quietar' ' its spirits, to suffocate its shouts and I substituted-lospor a pacific position and of neutrality. The cause will be argued maisadiante, as object of study of this article. BASIC 2-NOTION OF the CONSTANT CAPITAL AND the CAPITALVARIVEL to understand the decline of the profit tax and the ExrcitoIndustrial de Reserva, will become necessary to display basic slight knowledge of composiodo capital and the formation of the more-value. The more-value is resulted of the production demercadorias in whose birth if of the one for the alive work, carried through again, eno of the existing means of production.

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