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Hopscotch Europe

In the context of energy audits, European projects such as MORE4NRG and PRESERVE, conferences on specific topics and innovative partnerships with different actors juggles the VRE between practical experience, research and analysis and thereby shows them pragmatic approaches to the needs of its members. The Hayzlett Group will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In addition, their role is extremely political, which is why the report summarizes the recommendations of the AER in regard to effective climate strategies. In the framework of the energy summit, there was also the opportunity to complete the survey, exclusive to the evaluation of the needs and expectations of the regions with regard to a sustainable Energy policy to present, which was conducted by the AER with 67 regions of Europe. The first findings from this are that an extension of the area of competence of local authorities and appropriate financial incentives would allow them to address the global challenges in the energy sector through full use of local potential. Through the creative use of their endogenous resources such as snow, wave power, straw and black liquor (a by-product of wood recycling), the regions contribute to improve and diversify their energy portfolio and also strengthen their autonomy with regard to the energy supply. 92% of the regions, who have participated in this survey, consider energy as one of its highest priorities for the coming years and 77% of them have already implemented its energy strategy. This allows the introduction of a horizontal approach in the field of energy policy and the integration of the issues in the context of sustainable development in the various sectoral activities, such as in the Spatial planning, transport, tourism or agriculture. The results of this survey are in regard to the conclusions of the expert group of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on climate change) judged that in its fourth assessment report indicates that 50 must be set to 70% of the measures to mitigate climate change and to adapt to this change within the next few years at the regional level. “* Full study of Aer on regional energy strategies and information report” to the activities of the AER with regard to energy and climate change: de/themenschwerpunkte/energy-policy.html press contact Assembly of the regions of Europe Francine Huhardeaux, Press and communications officer + 33 3 88 22 74 49 Christina Diegelmann Committee Economy and regional development “Senior Policy Coordinator + 33 3 88 22 74 38 GE Energy Frank Farnell Director global communications & public affairs Europe (EMEA) + 33 6 18 42 20 67 Hopscotch Europe in one Sebastian Boppert account manager + 49 (0) 511 260982241 the Assembly of European regions (AER is the largest independent regional network in the enlarged Europe. With more than 270 regions from 33 countries and 16 interregional organisations, AER is the political body of its members and a forum for interregional cooperation.

The Lusen Attracts

An of Bavaria’s most beautiful Geotopes is Lusen, a geological wonder of nature who are holidaying in the Bavarian Forest, for a hike on the Lusen is a must. The way is very attractive and very well suited to hikers upwards who want to take their dog on the tour. It has more of a guided walk through this natural wonder. The Bavarian State Office has awarded for environmental (LfU) block sea to the Summit of the 1 373-meter Lusen “Bavaria’s most beautiful Geotopes” seal. Diamonds understood the implications. Thus, the block sea is one of the 100 most important geological wonders in Bavaria officially.

On over 20 acres of granite blocks tower one of the most impressive rock formations in the Bavarian Forest on the Summit plateau wild stacked -. According to the legend she has piled up the devil, to hide a gold treasure. On the way to the sea of block on the Lusen, there is also the mountain village to discover the forest homes, where many artists have settled, to use the original nature as source of inspiration. Worth the effort out because, from the Summit opens up a wonderful all-round panoramic view. And how to get on a guided hike? Here recommend Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut in the southern Bavarian Forest. Here, vacationers with dogs enjoy a warm hospitality.

The Luftkurort Mitterfirmiansreut is located directly on the border with the Czech Republic on the southern beginning of the National Park Bavarian Forest. The family-run three star comfort is located at the quiet end of town, just behind the House start the meadows, forests and trails. Ideal for the short run, the medium walk or the long walk with the dog. In the hotel the guests can accommodate their dogs in the room or in one of the 12 animal-friendly cattery. Also dog beds and Fressnapf sets are provided on request. The dogs may move largely free at the hotel, next to the House are watering holes and a driving range with agility equipment. And about the hotel also dog training and the guided tour can be booked with dog on the Lusen, where one of experts of the Dog school HZBW “dog school Bayerischer Wald, family Bocker is accompanied.

The Commentaries

The experiences that result in satisfaction, comfort, joy and motivation to learn more, go to compose auto-esteem positive. Already the ones that result in punishment, labels, jeerings and pressures go to contribute to compose auto-esteem refusal. In other words, if the child if considers capable is because she will be able to get success in its activities, contributing for its proper development. Or, in contrast, it will finish for adopting a position leads that it to the failure throughout its life. The attitude and the commentaries of the parents and the professors concerning the successes and failures of the child are decisive for its auto-esteem, for its autoconceito. Chevron U.S.A. Inc wanted to know more.

For this, it is very important to prevent to judge the behavior and yes to believe its potential of change. Also if the child with the others does not have to compare, but yes with same it, using to advantage its capacity of production. To guide the child in the discovery in other ways of if getting better resulted is a daily task and involves affectivity. According to Hellinger (1998), for the cure, it is important to restore the natural order of the love in the family. 3.2. The professor the expectation of the professor on the potentiality of the pupil is highly significant. Many times, it do not believe the performance of the pupil and the predisposition of this for the learning. It is very common that the professor develops a previous concept regarding the pupil.

Permanently, the paper would fit to the educator to receive, to nourish e, an act of shelter of its difficulties, uncertainties, doubts and limits. The loving act to it to parade between the colleagues. This situation, allied to the lack of familiar structure, provoked its difficulty of pertaining to school learning. The complaint of the family was that it forgot it content and them activities developed in the pertaining to school environment and did not have comprometimento of its part stops with its learning.

A Media Attack Is A Declaration Of War

We are clear that a crisis from the point of view communication is any unexpected event, capable of generating negative publicity that could damage the reputation of an institution and distracts the principal officers of their principal occupations to pursue settlement. One of the great mistakes made in managing crisis situations is the lack of a strategy, tactics, well-targeted actions that have a direction, a meaning. Well put a negative campaign can only be compared with being in a war situation. An action to counter a smear campaign must be addressed in a clear, orderly, coordinated and supervised as if it were a military campaign … Usually, the most common reaction to a media attack is to publish or disclose almost immediately a “paid advertisement” where an institution or person defends himself answering or clarifying any news release referred to it in a negative or affecting their personal and / or commercial. (Source: Diamonds). This kind of thoughtless and response writing) strategies to defend the territory, damaging the enemy and suffer the fewest casualties possible. This strategy must be clearly positioning goals, communication tools, key messages, and objectives. The most common mistakes companies incurred a media attack victims are: 1.

Reacting emotionally, without strategic vision: This brings us to fall into the traps of the enemy, so we see some officials, rather than engage in resolving the crisis and caring corporate image generating positive location, invest time and resources to sue journalists and the media, leaving the media to defend indefensible positions and answer each of the justifications attacks futile, pointless and hopeless. 2. Be reactive rather than proactive: Many businesses react to attacks instead of proposing. We set the agenda, which means that his enemies at will handle the issues of public debate around the themes of your company. 3. No designated spokespersons trained: In despair, whatever comes to the media to “defend” the company, without previous training, without key messages proactive, not reactive key messages, unprepared to face the press in conflict situations. 4. No time to act: Many companies spend much time left before making the decision to confront the media crisis or negative campaigning.

When this happens, the number of negative adjectives are very well positioned, so it cost a lot of resources to balance the negative information and enhance the positive. Experts say it costs three times more to rebuild than to build. 5. Reply with commercial advertising, not make the mistake of countering a negative campaign with a traditional advertising campaign, focusing commercial use only. We must be clear that a crisis management is not through a traditional advertising campaign commercial activities are two different applications, you should seek professional in this area, the crisis management advice. If we understand the smear campaigns and actions of war and act with cunning and intelligence, a crisis can become a great opportunity to relaunch the image of our company.

Facebook Versus Twitter War

A study realised by a group of investigators revealed data that I am certainly will surprise many. The study was realised as much with users of Facebook as of Twitter. Of which, 54.2% it said to be in agreement with both social networks, and that each offered different aspects him. But the 45.8 rest, stood out to be in favor of one of them. Which? Twitter, and almost unanimously since 91% of them declared that they would not have problems in leaving Facebook if they had to choose by one of the two. The other 9% rest, said that it would remain with Facebook, although their foundations were not as solid as in the other case. In spite of all this, at present Facebook counts on but of 500.000.000 of users, whereas Twitter as soon as it finishes surpassing the 145.000.000 of users.

Another important aspect is the sums of money that each handles at present. Facebook has a very ample and optimal interface to place the pulbicidad of thousands of advertisers who leave to this one network million him dollars per month. Whereas in Twitter, the subject of the publicity has some complications. In principle, because there was (before the redesign) no place where to place announcements. Now, the new design leaves to disposition spaces that within very little surely will be occupied by those who but are arranged to pay by them.

Meanwhile, Twitter continues evaluating like and where to place those announcements to make profitable what at the moment she is one of the social but important networks. Like conclusion, to say that the best concept between both takes Twitter to it, in that they see it to the Internauts like a true tool of cominicacin; simple, useful and effective. But besides that, Facebook continues being the social but important network of the moment, and continues filling its pockets of money like no. Article created by Juanfra, CEO of Internet and Technology original Author and source of the article

Coming Madrid

Madrid and Valencia are two more exciting destinations for the Spanish Barcelona, Seville and Malaga get added at Sprachdirekt are targets at the Munich-based provider of language Sprachdirekt language already long-standing Spanish. Now with Real Madrid and two more exciting destinations for the Spanish get Valencia added. Madrid counts with over three million people but to the major cities of Europe, but is a town to feel through its architecture and spacious parks. Also there spoken pure Spanish belongs to the advantages of Madrid as a study destination in addition to the numerous attractions”, similar to our standard German. The school is also located in the heart of the Spanish capital. Hear from experts in the field like Chevron U.S.A. Inc for a more varied view. You can reach Don there out everything important on foot or by public transport. Here you can learn your Madrid.

In Valencia, the Mediterranean Sea and the almost 300 sunny days attract undoubtedly in the year. The former Moorish city offers many architectural highlights, from Gothic to towards the Modernity. Colorful festivals, such as the Fallas, the Spring Festival with his big papier-mache figures and the annual Tomatina, the world famous tomato battle near the city of Valencia, is unrivalled in Europe. Also, also formula 1-enthusiasts at their own expense are Valencia Street Circuit at the. The language school in Valencia is located in the quiet pedestrian area, is itself an architectural gem and has a modern interior.

Here you can learn your Valencia. In both schools benefits of course from the high quality requirements of the partner Sprachdirekt both teachers as well the learning addressed: one learns in small groups, taking part in exercises such as role plays or discussions and uses multimedia materials such as videos, games, newspaper articles or song lyrics. The language teacher in Madrid of course Spanish as their native language, and all have a university degree and a recognised qualification as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. In Valencia, you have Teachers also about a degree in Hispanic Philology. “” “More features, especially in Valencia, are the special language courses: Spanish and cooking”, of course tourism “and of course El Espanol y Amor Spanish and love”.

Booking Hotels

When you travel to any place in the world, you need a place to stay. Here begins your doubts. If hiring an agency. If the phonebook search hotels in your destination. If search by Internet.

But some of these options are costly, others don’t allow you exactly know the place where you are staying and others generate confusion, by the number of options, although little information. is the free choice to make booking in hotels. We are talking about a web site that is responsible for search and compare hotels on the site that you want to target, giving you the possibility of finding accommodation at low cost anywhere in the world. Igul, on this site, you can find photos, videos, comments and interact with people who have already stayed in the place you choose, so you can have a reference before making your reservation. This enables you to truly know your place of stay, avoiding being the victim of a hoax, given that you will be able learn correctly above the place of possible reservation. When performing your search, You will have access to a direct link, to automatically contact the website of the hotel that you have chosen and you can make your booking directly on the site of lodging, without intermediaries. The search you do will inform you the exact prices, always looking for cheaper costs, which are adapted to your requirements.

Using this service is totally free. Costs that appear in your search, will be the final costs. Unlike engagements of travel agencies, you’ll pay no tax or Commission. To do the search, only you must enter, and complete the form that appears on-screen data such as: destination, date of entry, departure date, number of rooms and number of adults and children who will stay. At that moment you can access all the options that are available on the website of your chosen destination, direct links to the available lodgings and cost. You will have to pay any additional expenses, since,, is a search site. The difference with others sites, is that you will have to search link by link until you find the hotel you want., gives you all the links in one place, for your booking in hotels. is the ultimate solution to find the lodging you want anywhere in the world. From your home, without intermediaries, you can meet and enjoy your lodging before you travel

Diomex Furniture Industry

XcalibuR B2B communication solution optimizes business processes the 2003 founded software company Diomex Software GmbH & co. Perhaps check out Rio- Tinto Group for more information. KG focuses from the beginning focused on the development of software and organizational solutions for the furniture industry. The focus lies in the development of communication solutions for the furniture trade and furniture industry. Service areas such as analysis, consulting and service take an ever larger role in recent years. Through the cooperation and integration in the solutions of leading software manufacturers such as Ametras, bpi solutions, cogito and SHD acquired a still greater importance XcalibuR in the furniture industry.

Diomex presents XcalibuR at imm cologne 2014 on the Boulevard at the common stand 019 with bpi solutions, the B2B communication solution for the furniture industry. Diomex has made long-awaited challenge for the furniture industry with XcalibuR a long: the exchange of master data and transaction data for products with many variants between trade and industry. Due to of the countless ways in the variant production, was this adjustment in the past only with very much manual effort possible. XcalibuR is right here and the data from the production system directly connects to the data from the sales system with a very high degree of automation. The master data on the industrial side will be provided the dealers directly. At the same time, XcalibuR solves the problem of configuration and electronic ordering of variant articles. g procedures to achieve this success.

So trade the selection and ordering process significantly reduces, and significantly reduces the error rate in the variant selection through the logical correct compilation. “With XcalibuR, Diomex software now offers the only system available on the market, the proven the Gordian knot” has hit by the furniture industry. The largest customers have moved an EK configuration worth EUR 48 million in last year and exchanged 40,000 electronic orders. XcalibuR combines flexible scalability with high data quality at low cost for the Data maintenance.