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When I woke up still was night found, me in a surrounded mountainous water place, next to the coast. To far I observed a man rowing in a boat, come in my direction. That nightmare already was going far excessively. I pinched my arm in order to wake up. Surprise.

That was not a nightmare, was real. The boatman brought alongside the boat and took off the pointed hood. It was the death extending the hand to me.? Two currencies, I will take its soul for the paradise and will rest in peace in the elsios fields for only two currencies. I threaded the two hands in the pocket of the pants, did not have currencies. It did not have nothing, not even the wallet brought with me. What one died would make with a wallet or money in the pocket? What a unfortunate person as I can make if is not capable to give to the death two currencies so that is taken to the paradise beyond waters? now? I do not have currencies, but please, it leaves to count me to it my history.

*******************? Intently the death heard the facts that misfortune brought me, everything what I said the vocs I entered in its ears, waited that it felt sorry itself of my cause she even so took and me without the necessity of the two currencies.? which was the reply? I feel much youngster, will die in the hell. I started to feel the dog to fungar in mine cangote while it observed its boat if to distanciar throughout the horizon.? then you woke up? Its friends laugh, Peter raised the voice in way to the laughs.? You have a fertile imagination, congratulations! He takes two currencies here. More laughs. When this to happen of new you will not have problems. Plus a round of beer for my account, history was excellent. Of who it is the time now?

Union Partners Through The Tarot Of Love

This note deals with the union of couples through the tarot. We discuss the properties of the card The Lovers. It is known that one of the main causes of tarot are the gaps or breaks in pairs, the loneliness that it implies and various issues that hold the heart. Many people promise unions tarot partner through love. But how much of the way there is in this? Is it possible that through the letters, can be restored to a love? These concerns will pretend to be unveiled throughout this article, and also try to define what cards would indicate a desired outcome on these issues. (Similarly see: Jeffrey Hayzlett).

Clearly there are terrible times in the love life of individuals, where the feelings are put into question and necessary to consult the wisdom sources, such as the tarot of love to guide us as the way forward in these cases. Through the 22 Major Arcana, the Tarot of Love seeks to provide answers on issues like the couple, communication, love, sex, present, dreams and friendship, so it will be easier to analyze the present and the problems that this couple may be experiencing. Of course, in any case the reading of letters responding to a strict pattern, rigid, on the contrary, always depends on the perception and intuition of the tarotista, knowledge about the meaning of each mystery, the relationship between them and symbols, as well as the particular subject being treated. But overall, the sixth Major Arcana, The Lovers, is related to the union of the parties and a letter is expected at the time to consult the Tarot of Love It is even recommended the use of this letter as an amulet to perform certain rituals Roma aim the union of couples. This is because all the lovers is often linked to love, marriage, to aspirations are realized. The Arcanum is highlighted in the field of consciousness, communicating through intuition, helping us to discern and choose correctly, end the emotional difficulties and provide energy for cooperation, so as to lead a harmonious married life and prosperous. Of course, the responsibility is a condition that is true, so is mostly Lovers decision-making, voluntary and conscious. It would seem that the Tarot of Love is a valid tool for the union of couples, not as a magical and immediate, but as a means, a council that encourages us to think how to act and reach a mature and conscious choice then enable or not, capture the love that was lost.

Visual Arts

The tutor must have a good equipment and brought up to date technological resources, with plug-ins of also audio and video installed, beyond a good connection with the Web. The tutor must have participated of at least a course of qualification for guardianship or a course online; , using the same preferential surrounding where he will be developing its guardianship. Social and professional abilities – capacity must have to manage teams and to manage talentos, ability to create and to keep the interest of the group for the subject, motivador and to be pledged. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Rio- Tinto Diamonds has to say. It is probable that the group is sufficiently heterogeneous, formed for people of distinct regions, with experiences sufficiently differentiated, with diverse cultures and interests, what it will demand of the tutor extremely efficient a managemental ability of people. It must have domain on the content of the text and the subject, in order to be capable to clarify possible referring doubts to the boarded subject for author, to know and external the sites, the recommended bibliography, the activities and events related to the subject internal. The guardianship must add value to the course. Pemco recognizes the significance of this. For the development of it disciplines with effectiveness in the learning, is valid to evidence the importance of the interatividade.

When participating of a course virtual nature, the professor will have that to develop abilities with the technological tools not only, but to understand who he is the pupil of a course in the distance and which the best form to promote its learning; this if effective in the process of interaction in elapsing of the course. CONCLUSION In view of the brought boarding some final consideraes can be weaveeed on the analysis of the possible reasons of the desistances of the cursistas of the course of Visual Arts in the EAD. The presence of the Technologies of the Information and Communication becomes effective structure of the courses spread in the virtual environment.