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Periodic Table

It was a particularly interesting activity, therefore they had been selected and demonstrated, during the presentation of the lesson, simple experiments that involve dangerous chemical reactions. These experiments had called the attention the pupils and had been used to emphasize the necessity of the cares to be taken in the laboratory, in the storage and manuscript of the chemical products as well as in our daily life with the manuscript of domestic products of cleanness, perfumes remedies, etc., composites of our daily one. During the presentation of such contents in classroom the professor will be able to use this research to show in the Periodic Table the elements found in carapaa and rind of the crab, can use the virtual simulators for assembly of the molecule of the quitosana, will be able to still simulate a chemical reaction of the absolution of the fat for the quitosana. In the content of 2 Year the professor will be able to work the used calculations of concentrations in the manufaturamento of the quitosana and in 3 Year we can relate this chemical composition with the organic part observing the chemical functions gifts in the quitosana and formulates molecular. To the end of each experimental lesson the level of learning of the pupils in relation to the given content was evaluated. From the answers gotten in the questionnaires the statistical treatment of the collected data became, thus being able to evaluate the percentage of exploitation in relation to the content applied. The strategies of the project had been: to work the boarding of the basic concepts, to contextualizar the education of chemistry with the facts of the current panorama and to motivate the pupil for the chemistry lessons. CONCLUSIONS: The data disclose that the education of chemistry must be carried through associating significant examples with the theoretical principles in logical and pleasant way for the agreement of chemistry as articulated science, aiming at its understanding and applications in the current society.

Public Power

Disaster of the model of Fox Mountain range of the Sun in Mato Grosso of the South In what it refers to the process of aboriginal land landmark, has two basic modalities to accomplish such procedure. In accordance with the especificidades of the indians, identified for the antropolgicos studies, the Public Power can demarcate continuous, global areas; as well as it can demarcate broken up areas, in ‘ ‘ ilhas’ ‘ , always taking in consideration the basic resources for the preservation of the culture of the aboriginal peoples. In the case of landmark of the reserve Fox Mountain range of the Sun, the antropolgicos studies had identified that it had the lack for the constitution of aboriginal reserve in continuous areas, a time that the indians of that region presented nomadic habits, as well as had a pacific convivncia, needing, in this meantime, of free-transit for circulation of a place for another one, and of satiated areas to keep its collecting habits and of extensive culture. No longer that if it relates to the Mato Grosso of the South, a process of landmark in continuous areas would represent a disaster in virtue of the especificidades of the aboriginals of this region. The sulmatogrossenses etnias present heterogeneous habits completely, historically, had always kept ferrenhos conflicts between itself. Thus being, a process of delimitation of aboriginal areas of global form would incite disputes between indians of different groups. Ademais has that to take in account the fact of that, in the case of Mato Grosso of the South, a process of territorial landmark of global matrix would enclose urban areas of some sulmatogrossenses cities, what it would provoke population displacements, unemployment and too much decurrent economic damages of these events. Therefore, in Mato Grosso of the South, they are necessary, for the elucidated characteristics already, prompt studies that they aim at to the delimitation of specific and broken up areas of aboriginal domain.