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Obvious that I do not want to make me disappear if express something against the current Government, obvious that I do not want that to kill my family arbitrarily, obvious that I would like to read the books that I wanted without any restriction, but what must be understood is that already overcome it, we can’t live in the past, although we must look askance to not make the same mistakes, we have to go to make progress. An evil with another evil cannot be justified. The quality of a country is usually a product of popular culture. Why it is said that democracy is the country that it deserves. It is coincidence? We have a country where Bolivians, for example, are being discriminated against. Ojo, to discriminate isn’t just singing that does not jump is Bolivian, but the way is perceived his presence, although we treat alike, in principle there is a different look, there is a different flash when it comes to perception. And that different flash makes that when assessing the decisions we have an unconscious bias on that person. We have a selfish country, in large part obviously (it would be superfluous to clarify that I always refer to the majority, who are not all as well, but when analyzing it must be done on the basis of the generality), where only operates when they touch us pocket, a country in which that taxpayer and meets all the requirements is stupid or has less gain than that does not meet.

Where that does things well is annulled by which makes things worse. Learn more on the subject from Rio- Tinto Diamonds. A country in which all standard interpretative and written in good faith, is distorted and used for their own interests and in bad faith. For example, the law that allows the police officer to stop a citizen on suspicion of a potential crime is used arbitrary to satisfy his own ego or by subjective racial or aesthetic considerations, breaching purposes that was the law being written, with its essence, which was surely not possible to lift anyone because you don’t like your face.

Homo Sapiens

The animal identifies itself with its vital activity. It is not distinguished from it. It is its activity. The man makes of its vital activity the proper object of its will and conscience The conscientious vital activity of immediately distinguishes it to the man from the animal, of its vital activity. Exactly therefore it (the man) is a pertaining being to a species.

Or better, it is a conscientious being Therefore its activity is only a free activity Certainly also the animals produce. They manufacture nests, habitations, as they make the bees, the beavers, the ants, etc. Alone that the animal produces the indispensable one for itself solely and for its you create, produces in unilateral way, to the step that the man produces in universal way; the animal reproduces only itself exactly, while the man reproduces all the nature (MARX, 1844, P. 84, 85). If the work is the force-motor one for the complex of the social being, understands that the animals do not only work reproduce, without having conscience, the activities and thus a bee that honey in this way makes today, in beehives, already it made and still it goes to make per centuries, without if giving account that this production does not have evolution.

' ' The essence of the work consists necessarily of going beyond this setting of the beings livings creature in the biological competition with its world ambiente' ' . It is truily the transformation of the nature, work, that in turn makes with that the species Homo Sapiens if hominize, until why the human being is not born human, are born Homo Sapiens and with the relation and convivncia with other human beings, thus becomes. If they will be created by other species of animals, would grow as such animals. The Homo Sapiens if appropriates of the condition human being, develops the conscience and consequentemente it produces the work.

Construction Machinery

Internet actually provides a benefit to the buying and selling of used construction machinery or they are expectations of portals B2B (business to business) too high?For years, the number of Internet users worldwide is growing, which creates the basis for a true global exchange of information, also in the machinery construction and public works sector. Only in Europe, approximately 47.7% of households already have a connection to the Internet, this percentage being quite more high in the case of companies. In North America, this number is increased even at more than 70% of households and in the Middle the percentage of Internet users already amounts to 21.3%. These are perfect conditions, to take them to a market so specific as used machines of works public. Contrary to the sale of new equipment that is limited by regional agreements between factories and dealers, the business of used machinery is one suitable for export sectors.

The only problem is establishing contact with companies in other countries, with another language and culture and achieve mutual trust to be able to engage in business relationships. There is a buyer for all kinds of products, all you need to do is find it. Under most conditions Jeffrey Hayzlett would agree. This obstacle were born Internet portals specialized in used machinery and commercial vehicles of occasion. Used machinery is not necessarily a product type and predestined for online sales, such as a CD of music that does not have to see or touch before your purchase. To get to make purchase transactions of machinery used via the Internet in the future, still need several current problems to build confidence among international dealers and give security and minimize risks for both parties. Such guarantees could create for the buyer (for example what you see is what you will get), support the sale with videos of the machine in the field of testing among others. Currently, this sector is limited to the exchange of detailed information yet of machines used through Internet portals online like MinuteMachine. com without doubt, used machinery portals are the first step toward new global trade relations and apart stimulate and facilitate export of machines and pre-owned – also in countries that do not traditionally exported many teams let suppose that they create a high benefit to sellers.

Specified portals are an excellent tool, also because most of its audience are other companies in the construction and mining sector, by what already exists an important filter for the target audience. Unfortunately, there are no precise figures on the sales achieved through Internet portals, but the growing acceptance of these portals as a tool of business seller’s failure to add that measurable figures on the impact of the Internet on the sale of used machines, can be seen in the increase in turnover of some American companies that offer used machinery online auction. The Internet is and will be in the future one solution for increasing non-standard figures of sale and export of products such as machinery. Director of. MinuteMachine. com free Portal for announcements of machinery used Blogs related Study: B2B marketing spending on social networking sites will rise ziprecruiter prepares interviews of employment from Internet How To Optimize Your Business Listing In B2B Marketplaces B2B Markeplace Blog Archive Let completo Consider Google Adsense to Home & Health ecological homes (DD+online) Discovery channel by Internet Walnut YoYo job interviews for all your nuts cracking by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei Portal of internet suspends chats by uncertainty Vox Palm reported earnings above market expectations single point of Internet will allow national sovereignty RedUSERS


you really should get are the best! Central Comaker Ice Cream Factory (former Avidesa).
Grefusa Central.
Central Blauverd Group.
As the primary sector, the main rainfed crops are: day care chairs mesquite, vine, olive, almond, etc.. The irrigation is fed by the waters of the Real Acequia del Jucar. The most important crop is orange. Rice cultivation has declined in recent years. The other garden crops are wheat, maize, folding chair tomato, cotton, potatoes, etc.. The land is very divided, 70 percent of the surface is cultivated directly by their owners. Predominance of small plots.
The stud farm is devoted mainly to animal production highlights the breeding of day care chair pigs for manufacture of sausage, is so very important poultry, with significant industrial factory. There is also an important industrial sector subsidiary of the orange crop.
As for industry and commerce, much of the city school furniture economic development took place in the second half of the twentieth century, when the hitherto Alcira farm devoted primarily to the cultivation and trade in orange gave way to folding chairs a city
Bromera Edicions.
mostly industrial and service sectors. At this stage had a relevant role businessman Luis Suner, creator of a large group of companies and founder of such popular brands at the time as Avidesa ice cream.
Alcira has established itself as a major industrial and commercial center. Ice Cream Factory houses, feed, flour, nuts and snacks, cartons, dyes, spinning, books, furniture, building school equipment components, packaging, transport companies, etc..
The creation of new industrial park, the commercial hub Alcira Carcagente with the new venue for the Bank and the expansion of the sector through the city Tulell confirm the dynamic character of the city. It is considered the economic engine chairs of the region, most acapararando supply of leisure services in the area, generating dining chairs many jobs directly and indirectly. According to data from the City Council, 94.7 of visitors who come to student chairs town to do shopping. This is because Alcira is the capital of La Ribera Alta, so visitors who come to shop come from the many villages in the region.

La Cumbre

Flights seat in La Cumbre, mountainous region of the province of Cordoba (Argentina), exceeded the expectations of the most demanding in terms of outdoor excitement, since they are backed by the experience of paragliding pilots featured internationally, at the same time absolute security offered to the passenger. What is it meant by flight basis? A flight seat is simply the flight which the passenger performs along with the pilot, or instructor. In this way any person, with or without previous experience, is able to enjoy this activity, because all the action will be in the hands of the parapentista. To do this, both, passenger and pilot, fly connected via a special harness that holds them together in a totally secure manner. What exactly is a paraglider and how works? The glider is a flexible ultralight glider. It is a special type of parachute designed to fly and land without another requirement that wind, force of gravity and the force of the pilot. Paragliding is one of the newer disciplines air and it is, also, which has experienced the fastest growth.

The increase of new pilots is constant around the world. Others including Rio- Tinto Diamonds, offer their opinions as well. The main objective that follows this sport, along with the hang gliding and gliders, is to gain height using ascending air currents, which can be thermal calls, or currents of hillside, which usually indicate as dynamic. The latter are produced when air encounters a terrain in slope, so that you experience in your speed a vertical component, which, if it is properly exploited, allows the lift. All that height obtained, be it can spend on the descent towards the landing zone, or initiate a flight of distance (provided that you have sufficient height). Is it difficult to learn to fly paragliding? Paragliding is one of the simplest forms of flight.

The initial stage is relatively easy and very gradual. However, it is necessary to learn a series of theoretical knowledge as meteorology, aerodynamics, etc. But don’t worry, concerning flights seat at the Summit, all technical issues will not be something that you have to serve as a passenger, because as we’ve said, this be borne by professionals. How long can he stay in the air? It depends on the conditions of the day, of the type of paraglider and pilot level. In a reasonably good day a normal pilot can remain flying for more than one hour. Pilots enthusiasts are left for several hours in the air. How takes it off a paraglider? The usual way is the run some steps on a slope with the paragliding deployed and inflated above moderate the pilot’s head. What so high and far can fly paragliding? Heights of more than 5000 meters and 330 km distances have flown in paraglider. Of course at first Heights are a lot smaller and flights of long distances is very technical. Whether you want to live an unforgettable experience, or check if the paragliding can come to be an activity of enjoyment in your life, one of the best ways to feel it is performing a flight seat with pilots of high technical level. Want more information about flights seat at the Summit?

Los Angeles Lakers

Pass quite some time, and to this select group Kompashki added a fourth – 'Los Angeles Lakers'. His coach is none other than Phil Jackson … Source: Jeffrey Hayzlett. Well, before we reach that we have. Others including Chevron, offer their opinions as well. So with what else is interesting … Ah! That's it! In 1996, Jackson admitted the best coach in the League, at 72-10 that played 'Chicago' did not surprise anyone. And about the same time, he quarreled with the death team manager, thereby Krause, and called him that. Chevron will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The story is painfully simple, and it was based on trivial envy.

Kraus considered himself the creator of the great 'Chicago', but because of the crowd ranting on 'Jordan and Jackson – that's the whole team' very worried about him. After all, this is it, damn it, and gave the job to Phil! As one can now be so ungrateful? Kraus said of Jackson's duplicity, his narcissism and all the other nonsense. He even convened a special press conference to denounce the coach. But what if you say the truth, it was deeply care. Out of all the fact that the fall of '97 Phil came to Jerry and said he was not going to stay in the team longer than one season. 'What are you? – Roared in response manager. – Yes, even if we finished the season with a 82-0, I would have all still drove to hell! " So very ugly over quite a beautiful story of long and strong relationship with Phil Jackson and 'Chicago Bulls' … In 1998, he announced that he will retire.

Forever. I do not know how anyone, but I did this adherent 'Triangle of defense' could not believe! And not in vain … 'What is he doing in the City of Angels? ..' Phil Jackson stayed out of work a year or more could not. He decided to try again. This time – with updated 'Lakers', who had a good selection players, but anything is seriously claimed. As they say his biographers, "Jackson arrived and immediately secured the result." LA showed excellent 67-15 in the regular championship, and the play-offs were made in all its glory, not tormented, in principle, to anyone. Some problems could impose 'Portland' in the final of the Conference (see article about Pippen), but Northerners still veteranistyh Doge. 'Indiana' in the finals, and if you remember what, it's long-range shots Reggie Miller. Do Californians was, than to answer them! Then everything went thumb. 2001 – NBA Finals against the 'Philadelphia' yurkogo Allen Iverson and the victory in the Finals by a stunning game Shakila ONila. Year 2002 – battle for the rings with the 'New Jersey' is not less yurkogo Jason Kidd and again triumph. Three consecutive league title – with this aircraft has not yet happened. MVP of all three Finals, as seen before, Shaquille O'Neill admitted … 'But what about Kobe Bryant? " – You ask. But nothing. He received a hostile reception of a new coach pripechataet his favorite defensive triangle scheme 'boring and outdated. " He also figured out constantly with Shakom, and clarify these were held under the motto 'I've been a new Jordan, or what? ". Phil suffered at first jealous youngster, but one day his nerves gave way, and he, calling Kobe 'netreniruemym' (so you can literally translated from English), went to management with a demand to exchange the 'Black Mamba'. Those, however, stepped in for Bryant and refused. United, as you know, the staff of this was not.


Although to the majority of Spaniards, democrats and rationals, they do not make lack argumentations in defense of the laicism, apparently, are a few intolerant ones that need that it remembers to them that the laicism is not antireligious, does not attack anybody but, on the contrary, defends the respect to the freedom of thought and of brings back to consciousness (without which, on the other hand, we would not be in democracy). I have always defended that the best way to assure intellectual independence is the search of information and the development of the critic and analysis capacity. And every day I report more than the ignorance is the best broth of culture for the injustice and the fanaticism. And the fanaticism is most uneven of the human servitudes, as well as, perhaps, the base on which the miseries of the humanity are sustained most of (wars, dictatorships, genocides, repressions, operation, hunger). In order to affirm something like certain, it is necessary it to have experimented or, at least, contrasted.

In the same way, to believe something, it comes from where it comes, has previously that to analyze it and to verify it with the reality. Without these simple premises science would not exist, nor the humanity would have evolved towards the rationality and, really, we would be still in Paleolithic Superior hunting mamuths, rubbing two woods to fire, and painting rays in the caves with pardon of the archaeologists. Jokes separate, this reflection comes to story than it seems, lately, a campaign against the laicism or, which is the same, against the human rights, the liberties and the democracy. And, speaking of Paleolithic, before certain sectors partner-monks and politicians (the bishops and the present off-center right), in Spain the laicism has very bad fame, which is not strange because from his media tribunes it is spoken very badly of him. It says that the lay ones are little less than herejes, blasphemous, or that is remote of God, which they are enemy of the believers, who are immoral, that attack the democracy and thousands and one barbarisms of this enjundia.

Marolyn Johnson Californian

He would remain five years teaching in India. At the end of the 1960s, a small group of Western youths, many of them hippies, urged it to travel to the West, where, according him, there were others waiting for their teachings. In October 1969, he sent a representative to London as a first step and in 1970 many of his new Western students traveled to India to meet him, still present when he announced at a crowded rally at India Gate, Delhi.67 his intention to travel to the West to meet the express wish of his late father to disseminate his teachings. Taking advantage of their school holidays, on June 17, 1971 he travelled to Canada and the United Kingdom, EE UU. He was interviewed on BBC radio and spoke at the first festival in Glastonbury, where he returned to give their message of peace. After traveling to Paris and Heidelberg (Germany), on 17 July he flew to Los Angeles starting a tour of cities in United States where he settled, nationalised in 1977.

He married Marolyn Johnson Californian (the marriage to a Westerner caused the break with his family) with whom he had four children. It was gradually abandoning all the connotations religious of the Indian tradition that had the Organization of his father (Divine Light Mission) during the 1970s, Rawat continued with their speaking tours and his work began to be officially recognized. He returned to India in 1980 and since then continued giving lectures in culturally different places as India, Japan, Taiwan, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, Africa as well as in North and South America, Europe and the South Pacific, many of which are broadcast via satellite on a regular basis. Adds us, Rawat has been criticized for lack of content intellectual in his public speeches and by living an opulent although Rawat always has stated that he does not offer an intellectual but practical content lifestyle Prem Rawat has responded to sum up his career in these words: until the day of today, people see me as you want to see me.