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The communication is the action to take something common between sender and receiver, being, therefore, one way of double hand, where it speaks and it hears, from and it receives. Second (Macedo) ' ' most of the time the leaders hear its teams badly and pay to files of legal documents prices therefore ' ' , therefore, to hear is one of the abilities more urgent than a leader can choose to develop, is part of the efficient communication. The leader has that to know to create an environment of opening, confidence, becoming involved itself of deep form with the team. In this important strategy of relationship, she is necessary to make right the error, transforming it into learning. Rio Tinto Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. (CASK, 2005) he affirms: ' ' The good leader if looks in the mirror in the hour to assume bad resultados' ' it places the interest of the team and not only its to guide the work.

The effectiveness of the leader must involve of a side the quality of the decisions and another one the acceptance of these decisions on the part of the subordinate. … Basically this model assumes that the participation of the interested party in the decision increases its motivation in implementing it. This cooperation will have to be obtained supplying to the subordinate the biggest possible number of information on the subject or task in game. (BERGAMINI, 1994, P.

63). Of this form it is basic that each company makes use of a leadership modern and efficient, capable to direct and to motivate the best troops in the great battle of the competitiveness, However, all know that thousands of success companies exist who make use of leaders with radically distinct characteristics. 5 the PAPER OF THEM YOU LEAD IN the ORGANIZATIONS the figure of the leader is important in any organization, therefore its example can take the company to the success or to the failure She is necessary to trace the goals, to implement the actions to be taken, to organize the cadastros of the customers, to delegate tasks, to go the fight, to motivate the led ones, monitorial them, assists them and most important, treats them as enterprising, therefore to want that its company grows, is necessary that the collaborators grow first; The leaders would have to possess certain special characteristics of personality that would be basically the main facilitadoras in the performance of the leadership paper.