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The Commentaries

The experiences that result in satisfaction, comfort, joy and motivation to learn more, go to compose auto-esteem positive. Already the ones that result in punishment, labels, jeerings and pressures go to contribute to compose auto-esteem refusal. In other words, if the child if considers capable is because she will be able to get success in its activities, contributing for its proper development. Or, in contrast, it will finish for adopting a position leads that it to the failure throughout its life. The attitude and the commentaries of the parents and the professors concerning the successes and failures of the child are decisive for its auto-esteem, for its autoconceito. Chevron U.S.A. Inc wanted to know more.

For this, it is very important to prevent to judge the behavior and yes to believe its potential of change. Also if the child with the others does not have to compare, but yes with same it, using to advantage its capacity of production. To guide the child in the discovery in other ways of if getting better resulted is a daily task and involves affectivity. According to Hellinger (1998), for the cure, it is important to restore the natural order of the love in the family. 3.2. The professor the expectation of the professor on the potentiality of the pupil is highly significant. Many times, it do not believe the performance of the pupil and the predisposition of this for the learning. J. Darius Bikoff may also support this cause. It is very common that the professor develops a previous concept regarding the pupil.

Permanently, the paper would fit to the educator to receive, to nourish e, an act of shelter of its difficulties, uncertainties, doubts and limits. The loving act to it to parade between the colleagues. This situation, allied to the lack of familiar structure, provoked its difficulty of pertaining to school learning. The complaint of the family was that it forgot it content and them activities developed in the pertaining to school environment and did not have comprometimento of its part stops with its learning.

Members of Society

The claim of rights has as base the idea of that all the members of the society must morally be responsible, so that they can develop an equality relation, assuming right and duties that the citizenship demands. To legally characterize the mental sick person between the citizens means an appropriation of the tradition and a process of public argument critical, in elapsing of the which competing conceptions of identity and legitimacy politics they are articulated, contested and refined (Minow, 1997; Habermas, 1974, P. 102) apud Maia and Fernandes (2002). CRIME AND MADNESS After the psychiatric reform installed by Law 10,216, of 2001, the society started to rethink the destination given to the said citizens ' ' loucos' '. Intense debates are ranks in question regarding the best form of treatment, if with internments and the use of psicofrmacos of a side or the proposal of recovery from the integration of the carrier in the community. Before this, sick person mental was predestinold to pass remaining portion of its life confined in lunatic asylums judiciary, without this could enter in contact with the delict that committed and from there, to construct one to know on such act, beyond being directed for treatment. The against-reform argues that madness is organic and must be treated way medication, electro has shocked, psicocirurgia, among others. In the biologicista conception if the patient it does not answer to the medication the trend well is to increase its dose, what most of the time it implies in a situation still worse, where ' ' louco' ' it has its suffering aggravated with the adverse reactions of the drugs. The citizenship and the freedom are ingredients key for improvement of the mental suffering. As Days (2009) the necessary mental sick person to pay for the crime that committed, this fact in itself, consists in a therapeutical form to reestablish the bow social.