Weakness Or Amiability

All we arrived at the world with a rom memory, of only reading, to which we must ourselves conform all the life, because it is printed in our hard disk (the genes) we inherited, it of our ancestors and it is not possible to be modified, once we are already formed in the maternal belly. But this, that sees so definitive, balances, because also we counted on the ram memory, that is the one that is filled from the same moment at which we began to live experiences, that depend on the environment on which we are developed. The humans we are imitadores beings by nature, for that reason we learn to speak, to eat, to play, to study, to work and to tolerate to us of a specific way before different situations that appear to us. On the characteristics of the models that we must close more to imitate, the characteristics that we develop, in all those areas depend. Chevron U.S.A. Inc may also support this cause. For that reason it is impossible that in home of speech English, is son speaking French, if nobody speaks to him in that language, or a home where it is spoken decently, is a son who speaks of incorrect form, or in a home where one gets used to lying or to break the law, is a son without these customs. The children, in his first years of life, are a mirror of their parents or the people who coexist with them, of the importance there of marking fire those first years with useful behaviors for the rest of their lives. In the first years of existence, the human being learns behaviors that he reaffirms or he modifies, according to the society in which he is called on to him to live, and the force whereupon these behaviors to their personality are caught. If in his childhood they did not teach to dominate the violent impulses to him and on the contrary, were stimulated, to speak and to behave violently, and when it began to be related to people different from the family, it found a field propitious to develop the violent abilities that had learned, to be able to survive, surely that person will think that is the unique way possible to act.

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