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Alps Square

It is a recent sport that emerged at the end of the 1980s and a rapid growth, is experiencing both in technological development and in number of practitioners. There are gliders for a pilot, or for rider and passenger. Both practiced for pleasure, as in commercial form (tandem flights) and sporty, with a wide variety of regional, national and international championships. History of the paraglider to find the origin of the paraglider must be traced back to the year 1965, when appeared first square parachutes or crates, fruit of space research, to find a system to make landing spacecraft. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Until then the parachutes were round and hardly airships. New square parachutes, not only contribution fall, they planned a little.

The trajectory of descent could be perfectly directed and the landing was much smoother. It was really the revolution of skydiving, to the point that since then the rounds already are used only as emergency parachute. The Hayzlett Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. It was in France, in 1978, in a small town in the Alps called Mieussy, where two parachutists also; Jean Claude Betemps and Gerard Bosson, conducted the first authentic flights with a square parachute, taking off from the steep slopes of Pertuisset mountain grass and landing some minutes later on the football field of Mieussy. It was there where it is considered that this sport was born and it was there where the first school was established in 1985. That same year, a Swiss named Laurent Kalbermaten, designed and manufactured the first paraglider of truth, with fabric more rigid and impermeable to air and destined exclusively to plan taking off on foot, but that did not serve to launch from an aircraft. How can I start to fly? The easiest way of experiencing free flight is as a passenger in a tandem flight. It is possible to perform this type of flight in the vast majority of the tourist sites of the Argentina, no previous preparation is necessary, and is without a doubt a shocking experience that remains stored for lifetime. You need more information about flights of baptism in Cordoba?


This has led to not achieve the established objectives. What is the cause of this?, which is due to?, simply the management has not considered what represents the scope and implications of having a good overall quality. In this paper are presented in where are the most relevant obstacles between the role of markets with regard to quality and productivity. Mining brings even more insight to the discussion. In this regard, the participant of the graduate program of quality management and productivity of the Faces of the University of Carabobo postgraduate Area believes: most relevant obstacles of the role of markets in terms of quality and productivity in Venezuela lie mainly in the following aspects: many Venezuelan businessmen are unaware their companies (in terms of weaknesses(, strengths, opportunities and threats), they work empirically and do not establish one planning so much strategic as in compliance requirements of customers.

Lack of a culture of quality and real service focused towards the satisfaction of the needs of customers and market research, not handled properly the satisfaction of external customers and far fewer inmates. Precisely this topic is very determining factor in the behaviour of SMEs, which leave a lot that say the absence of the relevance of the scope of the quality and productivity is missing a true organizational culture that orient the motivation to the achievement of organizational goals, and every day is observed a significant lack of motivation of employees against a changing scenarioeconomic instability and crisis, where the objectives of the Organization at the level of quality and productivity are affected by organizational climate. Lack of proactive and innovative leadership, this is evidenced by the weaknesses of management and their performances that frequently in small businesses has the vision that importantly sell and produce above any standard of quality.

Segovia Spain

Beautiful historic city which is surrounded by castles, parks and gardens for an unforgettable memory. Considered one of the most prominent cities of Spain, reason for which was declared a world heritage site. Segovia, located within the community of Castilla y Leon, is the capital representative of that province. This city dates back to antiquity, whose origin based on the Celtic community, thanks to those who have inherited its current name, being Segobriga, whose meaning is victoria (Sego) and city (Briga). Gastronomy in Segovia is based on deep dishes, this being one of the strong points of the city.

Among the traditional menus, we can cite the soup of garlic, beans from Segovia, Jewish who are the original result of the town’s farm, the lamb chops baked, trout, castellana soup and stews varied dishes. To accompany these delights, can opt for the selection of several local wines and stresses quality and taste some typical desserts, such as ponche Segoviano, cakes and doughnuts of cognac or brandy. The proposal of evening activities in Segovia, is varied, but relaxed in comparison with other cities of Spain and countries, where all his appeal revolves around this theme. To unwind and enjoy a good beer, we recommend attending the Bavaria brewery, located in an important avenue of the city.Location: Av. Fernandez 28 Ladrera if what you seek is to combine a show with the possibility of a drink, the right place is the mansion.

Location: Calle Cervantes s/n Paseo del Salon. To close a successful night, nothing better than to move your body to the rhythm of the music at the disco Elen. Location: 5 Escudero, in the old town area. Arriving in this beautiful city is very simple as you can travel from any point in Spain to it via bus or train. Most prominent in this vast city sites are: it is almost impossible to avoid a visit to the Alcazar de Segovia, fortress that stands out due to its location on a rock, built with transitional style of the Romanesque to Gothic. This Palace was created before the year 1122, though this is not known with certainty. Among the celebrities of the time, Isabel la Catolica left this place to be crowned Queen. Location: Plaza of Reina Victoria Eugenia s/n continuing with the most emblematic sites belonging to the city, can get close to the aqueduct of Segovia, a true jewel of Spanish civil engineering. It has a channel that runs through the city until it flows into the Alcazar.ubicacion: plaza of Azoguejo following road, can reach to the neighborhood in the Jewish quarter, where the walls of Segovia open their doors dating back to the middle ages, when these were the main source of protection. Location: calle Martinez Campos. Original author and source of the article.

GMOs States

Control of the seeds is a clear objective of transnational corporations, because who controls them, holds the key to the entire food chain. Transgenic seeds are the paradigm of this corporate governance, in addition to the strong concentration of market, they are also patented, that makes illegal the ancestral right of peasants to save seeds and return them to plant in the next harvest. Monsanto and other companies have already legally exercised this violation against dozens of farmers contaminated in United States and Canada, who have sued for illegal use of its patented genes. According to a report by the Center for Food Safety of United States, to the 2005 Monsanto had already claimed more than 15 billion dollars in 90 lawsuits of this type. Terminator and its clones even so, agribusiness companies go for more, even if patents are a tool for its monopoly, it involves detecting alleged illegal use and undertake trials. Why they devised the Terminator technology, to make sterile in second generation seeds and automatically compel all need to buy new companies for each sowing seeds.

This phenomenon happens mostly in United States and other northern countries already (without using Terminator, only by having imposed hybrids that do not maintain the level of production after the first harvest). What is this dependency on commercial seed It forced farmers in that country to continue buying GM seeds even if they yield less, are more expensive, and used more chemicals: simply could not do anything else. In the South instead, there are 1400 million male and female peasants using their own seeds to produce food and forage. Clip of new laws on seeds, introduction of transgenic and as a final blow, Terminator, is threatening forms of life of these peasants, so nobody more, nor in the North or South, can save their own seeds. After the first version of Terminator, which was patented in 1998 as a whole by the United States Department of agriculture with the Delta & Pine Company (now developing become property of Monsanto), emerged many other versions of this suicida-homicida technology, since almost all of the companies that produce agrotransgenicos, since that is the future that avizoran to apply to all GMOs.

Marolyn Johnson Californian

He would remain five years teaching in India. At the end of the 1960s, a small group of Western youths, many of them hippies, urged it to travel to the West, where, according him, there were others waiting for their teachings. In October 1969, he sent a representative to London as a first step and in 1970 many of his new Western students traveled to India to meet him, still present when he announced at a crowded rally at India Gate, Delhi.67 his intention to travel to the West to meet the express wish of his late father to disseminate his teachings. Taking advantage of their school holidays, on June 17, 1971 he travelled to Canada and the United Kingdom, EE UU. He was interviewed on BBC radio and spoke at the first festival in Glastonbury, where he returned to give their message of peace. After traveling to Paris and Heidelberg (Germany), on 17 July he flew to Los Angeles starting a tour of cities in United States where he settled, nationalised in 1977.

He married Marolyn Johnson Californian (the marriage to a Westerner caused the break with his family) with whom he had four children. It was gradually abandoning all the connotations religious of the Indian tradition that had the Organization of his father (Divine Light Mission) during the 1970s, Rawat continued with their speaking tours and his work began to be officially recognized. He returned to India in 1980 and since then continued giving lectures in culturally different places as India, Japan, Taiwan, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, Africa as well as in North and South America, Europe and the South Pacific, many of which are broadcast via satellite on a regular basis. Adds us, Rawat has been criticized for lack of content intellectual in his public speeches and by living an opulent although Rawat always has stated that he does not offer an intellectual but practical content lifestyle Prem Rawat has responded to sum up his career in these words: until the day of today, people see me as you want to see me.

Robinson Mission

Even when UNDP used figures outputting on literacy and health in Venezuela, its latest report presents an important step forward in developing human, the biggest in nearly a decade and the most high in the trend since 1975, as well as a significant decrease in poverty during the 2004 year, not expressed in the poverty index as suchwhich remains unchanged in comparison to the year 2003, but on the percentage of the population living on incomes below 1 and $2 a day, and in the reduction of infant mortality. According to the report, the index of human development in Venezuela increased from 0,772 at 0.784, placing in position 72 of the world list headed by Norway with an index of 0.965, and in the Latin American region Argentina 36 with a 0.863 index position. Also, the report shows unalterable poverty rates, even though it presents a significant reduction to the 8.3 15.0 and the 32.0 to the 27.6 percent of the population living with less than $1 and $2 daily income respectively. With regard to the rate of infant mortality, the downward trend has remained throughout the management of Chavez, showing in this report a reduction from 18 to 16 per thousand children live births, representing nearly 2 thousand children saved from death. However, the PNDU used data from 1999 and 2000 to calculate educational indices, as well as using as reference a literacy rate of 93% which was in force until 2001 and that does not reflect the advances of the Robinson Mission that UNESCO itself has acknowledged to declare Venezuela a country free of illiteracy. It should not be forgotten as points out Sergio Arancibia, as the human development index, HDR, UNDP fails to account for all the contents present on the concept of human development – raised to almost philosophical – theoretical level but is in any case, an indicator that goes beyond mere economic growth indices.

UNDP considers only three concepts or basic parameters for the preparation of its HDI, each of which summarizes or need, in turn, other quantitative to be constructed history: long and healthy life, which is measured through the index of life expectancy at birth, which in turn is built taking into account the background with respect to infant mortality and average age of death; the indices of education, where key indicators are the rate of adult literacy and enrolment in primary, secondary and higher education rate; Definitely know, that Venezuela will establish new values in the standards of growth and human development. The second national study for human growth of the Venezuelan population will seek to establish biological and psycho-social standards through demographic aspects, habits, food consumption, intellectual development and indicators haematological and biochemical, among others. The investigation will take three years to make and will allow implement more accurate social policies. original author and source of the article.