Marolyn Johnson Californian

He would remain five years teaching in India. At the end of the 1960s, a small group of Western youths, many of them hippies, urged it to travel to the West, where, according him, there were others waiting for their teachings. In October 1969, he sent a representative to London as a first step and in 1970 many of his new Western students traveled to India to meet him, still present when he announced at a crowded rally at India Gate, Delhi.67 his intention to travel to the West to meet the express wish of his late father to disseminate his teachings. Taking advantage of their school holidays, on June 17, 1971 he travelled to Canada and the United Kingdom, EE UU. He was interviewed on BBC radio and spoke at the first festival in Glastonbury, where he returned to give their message of peace. After traveling to Paris and Heidelberg (Germany), on 17 July he flew to Los Angeles starting a tour of cities in United States where he settled, nationalised in 1977.

He married Marolyn Johnson Californian (the marriage to a Westerner caused the break with his family) with whom he had four children. It was gradually abandoning all the connotations religious of the Indian tradition that had the Organization of his father (Divine Light Mission) during the 1970s, Rawat continued with their speaking tours and his work began to be officially recognized. He returned to India in 1980 and since then continued giving lectures in culturally different places as India, Japan, Taiwan, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, Africa as well as in North and South America, Europe and the South Pacific, many of which are broadcast via satellite on a regular basis. Adds us, Rawat has been criticized for lack of content intellectual in his public speeches and by living an opulent although Rawat always has stated that he does not offer an intellectual but practical content lifestyle Prem Rawat has responded to sum up his career in these words: until the day of today, people see me as you want to see me.

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