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You can "potsupiti" specialist in the direct competitor to other relevant (And worst) companies to search through professional recruiters to advertise in the newspaper, to dismiss the rumors, view specialized sites on the Internet, participating in various exhibitions, seminars and special etc. And most importantly correctly assess the candidates responded. If he worked in a similar position in another company, it does not mean that it will suit you. Even you and your direct competitors of the system can differ dramatically, and that is speak for other companies, not your profile. Many managers believe that it is possible ("it's easier and more profitable") to take a totally "empty" the young man and teach him. But even in this case it is necessary carefully select the "material", to estimate / predict the possibility and potential for future professional. If you do not, it is possible for a long time to teach him, consoled by the fact that it was possible to save on his salary. Even from a good "Material" specialist will not immediately and your savings will result in considerable often losses.

And even if the quality of "material" frighten … why hire a specialist in the final term is cheaper though immediately and can be a bit pricey. Let's look at an elementary calculation. For example your company with a unit of goods sold is 100 UAH. If inexperienced and slabomotivirovanny seller during the day will lose one client, the company will lose 100 UAH. Within 30 days would amount to 3000 UAH. This amount can easily be multiplied by five. We get 15 000 UAH.

forgone by money. But the 15000 – it's only about 10-20% losses. The main loss – these are dissatisfied customers, which caused such grief, the seller will never bring you their money, they will "raise" your competitors. They do they lead their acquaintances, friends and relatives. So, before you take Rights at work, you must ensure that it complies with the proposed post. To do this, ask the candidate to fill the questionnaire, developed under the requirements of a particular job. Do not rely solely on his resume, it is not always complete and understandable. Develop a variety of written questionnaires, homework, tests, role (business) game that will help you assess the professional and personal qualities of future employees. And do not Take the time to call his introducer, the previous 3-4 work (if it's still remembered). But do not rely heavily on the feedback and recommendations. Use them only in the overall context of assessing a candidate. Tell you can be anything, but to work with someone you have yet. Therefore, before making a decision, gather about a potential employee with a maximum of information. And the higher, more responsible position – all the more careful and must be balanced approach to the selection of staff. Otherwise, you can then eliminate the long and costly consequences of his work.

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