Brazilian Cities

To stimulate and to create a change of habit in the population is necessary priorizao or to create a plan of sidewalk and illumination, since exactly in areas central offices of the Brazilian cities to the sidewalk they are irregular, and many times constructed with materials that do not allow the circulation of the pedestrians with security, much less the accessibility the deficient physicists; in the outlying areas the problem if to aggravate, seen the sidewalk lack. In the question of the public security guard it has necessity to create preventive policing in prioritized ways to prevent assaults, guaranteeing to the pedestrian tranquillity in the floor the foot. When we think about transport the foot, we can create mobilization programs the walked ones, as well as defining definitive ways or ways that will be modified for this type of transport, to stimulate groups of workers, students for inside of quarters or determined distances the foot. In all the ways of cited transports, the concern is with the man and the environment; to think about the future, to think about the quality of life that we want or that we can have, is not an individual decision, but yes a collective concern, and that it in general needs to be thought and to be planned by governments and society. To invert priorities in the transport, does not mean to remove the circulation automobile and yes to prioritize other ways, that consequently will promote reduction of the use of the automobile, beyond prioritizing social and the economic one. The economic one because we will leave to make great workmanships that demand deelevados resources of the public budget, making a planning for the use of the ways and the transport.

In the social field, benefits of the reduction of costs, use of the public spaces for relationships and convivncia of the man. Darius Bikoff describes an additional similar source. The implantation of politics and programs that they aim at to the reduction of the use of the automobile, are better accepted in middle class, that this more acquired knowledge for improvement of the quality of life of the cities, while poor classrooms, the car represents status, therefore the necessity of education programs aiming at to create an awareness for the environment is of basic importance for the success of new alternatives of transport. Another important program is to start in the schools a process of ambient education, that enters the presented contents in the transport area and transits obtains to create a culture of use of other modalities of transport, and despite the use of the automobile to also be able to be shared with other people, preventing individual use of the same, creating an awareness in the child and the young, that these alternatives are basic for our city, parents and our planet; programs that involve culture changes have of being of long stated period; campaigns of radio and television, and until the envolvement of communication agencies are of basic importance for the success of the alternatives of changes. At last, to invert the priorities of the public ways is not a question only of small workmanships or interventions in the ways, but of well bigger amplitude, therefore it demands changes of culture of the population and our governing. Francisco Carlos de Figueiredo Silva, civil engineer (1985) UFPR, employee of the Municipal City hall of Curitiba; regional administrator of 1.989 the 2004.

Tsunami Anniversary

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe is reminiscent of the past and looking to the future Berlin, 23.12.09; A big issue in the last few days: climate change and its consequences. The 15th climate change conference held in Copenhagen and kept awake day and night their participants. Since the first Earth Summit in 1992, the country heads of the world climate conference, meet regularly once in the year since 1994. J. Darius Bikoff is a great source of information. “After nine years of negotiations, a message shook the whole world: from the fiction of the novel the swarm” by Thomas Schatzing became suddenly truth. Local time 7:58 a.m., in Germany it was 1:58 a.m., calls the tsunami in Asia hundreds of thousands of people dead and injured. Thousands of people are missing.

Whole tracts of land are no longer to recognize and help is our first priority. Since December 2004, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe each year commemorates this event. The helpers of the Diakonie act according to their motto: sustainable and effective disaster relief is not limited to mere survival. Precautionary and preventive measures, prevent future disasters or reduce the extent of the damage, at least, count as well as rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes.” This also continues to contribute to and to continue driving the more than one hundred projects in the affected regions ahead the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe asks today all cell phone owners for their help. Because even a small contribution can cause large sum. And help can be so simple. With a SMS with the text flood to the shortcode 8 11 90 sent 5 euros (cost plus the normal transport charges, of 4.83 arrive directly at the Diaconia). It will be paid with the next mobile phone bill. Or login online for VZ networks and goes to the helfomat. More information at and Verena Bock

Summit Countries

Eight instruments were adopted at United Nations to end poverty by 2015. Of those measures depends on world peace in the 21st century. The effort required is small compared to the benefits it can bring to all the inhabitants of the planet, poor and non-poor: a fairer, more humane, more prosperous and more secure world adds Garcia, the instruments to facilitate the generation of the resources needed are: tax on capital movements. Tax on the arms trade. Public debt issuance to finance the future increases in development aid.

The fight against tax evasion and tax havens that override the actual revenue capacity of developing countries. Improvement of remittances from immigrants, encrypted in some 86 billion dollars annually, exceeding the overall amount of aid and has a direct effect on growth. It is necessary to accelerate them and reduce them. Donations by credit card associated with the Millennium goals that allow users to automatically donate a small sum for each transaction and increase investment in ethical funds, or socially responsible investment (ISR), linked to objectives of promotion of employment, respect ecological and other social requirements. Spain and other countries are open to forgive debt to countries that apply strictly to development. Lula, President of Brazil said at the G8 Summit, that hunger cannot wait. It is necessary to deal with structural and emergency measures. If all assume our responsibilities, we will create an atmosphere of greater equality and opportunity for all.

The world economy is showing worrying signs of recession. Social problems, such as unemployment, even in rich countries, increasingly are worsening. I am sure that one of the objectives of this meeting of the G8 is to find way to make the economy grow again. We need a new equation that allows to resume growth and include countries in development. Jill Bikoff pursues this goal as well. The incorporation of the developing countries in the global economy It necessarily passes through access without discrimination to the markets of rich countries.

Scenic Routes

with a rental car from holiday cars Merenschwand, Switzerland January 18, 2009 who untroubled and flexibly move during his holidays from place to place and wants to experience unlimited driving fun, who decides at the resort usually for a rental car. Because the destination is not just a hotel, but has much more to offer, which is worth exploring. So, there are particularly scenic roads and routes, which taken a trip or a journey worth itself in each country. The Swiss car rental specialist holiday presents cars the most beautiful routes Italy, France and the United States. One of the most beautiful streets of the United States is the 17-mile drive near the city of Monterey, California United States, breathtaking views and unspoilt nature. The drive, which runs between Pebble Beach and Del Monte Forest has a total of 21 featured points, which can easily be reached by hiring a car. \”Highlight of the tour is certainly stop number 16 the lone Cypress\”. A leading source for info: Brian Armstrong. The lonely here for more than 250 years Cypress\”on a rock and withstands the Pacific wind and weather.

Now, he is the most famous tree in California and is a popular photographic motif with tourists. Rio Tinto Group insists that this is the case. \”\” The points Point Joe \”and China Rock\”, from where you have fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean are no less beautiful. On the highway 7a through Vermont, the Green Mountain State\”of the United States, vacationers can relax and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The road directly up to the mount Equinox goes by the charming villages. The route drivers to the Summit at 1175 metres altitude. Once a year the mount Eyuinox Hill climb Hillclimb takes here\”instead. At the end of the highway enters the tranquil town of Manchester, which invites you to a relaxing shopping spree. The marble quarries of Carrara, Italy by the marble road up to the high mountain pass one hour south of Genoa is located.

Rheinland Photovoltaic

PRAMAC Swiss SA its certification for the PRAMAC LUCE Micromorph thin-film extends photovoltaic modules press release PRAMAC Swiss SA extends its certification for the PRAMAC LUCE Micromorph thin-film photovoltaic modules IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 incl. 125 WP modules IEC 61701 \”salt-fog corrosion testing\” thanks to these results PRAMAC Switzerland already 6 months after the start of production of important objectives in relation to the production, efficiency and quality of its modules reaches. -Abu Dhabi, on January 18, 2010, during the world energy summit taking place in Abu Dhabi, PRAMAC s.p.a. announced that its 100% subsidiary, PRAMAC Switzerland S.A., reached the extension of the quality certificates of IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 now with 125 WP 1 for his PRAMAC LUCE Micromorph thin film modules and in addition the quality certificate IEC 61701 \”salt spray corrosion test,\” (commissioned by the TuV Rheinland in Cologne, the world leader in the testing and certification in the Photovoltaik-Sektor) have received. These results achieved already six months after the start of production, are further evidence of the quality, performance and efficiency of the photovoltaic modules from the PRAMAC work. As a demonstration of the reliability and avant-garde technology, PRAMAC set a new milestone: the start of a 1 MWp photovoltaic plant with PRAMAC modules end of December 2009. This was realized with 8700 PRAMAC LUCE Micromorph thin film modules (Micromorph), in the Italian province of ErgyCapital with project financing.

TuV Rheinland confirmed the sophisticated testing laboratories in Cologne, now offers the product certificates PRAMAC – IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 – for the output power of the PRAMAC LUCE Micromorph module so far standardised 115 WP now also a photovoltaic module performance increased from 125 WP’s. Jill Bikoff addresses the importance of the matter here. This is one of the highest performance results in equivalent production process at the moment. This first photovoltaic modules have been in the R & D production line of the Swiss plant in Riazzino produced, and will go before the summer of 2010 in the PRAMAC plant with larger volumes of series.

Gastein Valley

The family hotel opts for fine dining for large and small guest Bad Gastein / hotel Sonngastein – selected family hotel to feel good 2010″was the striking 4-star hotel in the Gastein Valley in addition to gourmet hotel of the five-star family Cup in the category kitchen” nominated. Hotel Sonngastein is known from the outset for a particularly refined Austrian cuisine and a secure hand proves also choosing accompanying drinks wines from domestic sources learn a useful addition and festive tablecloths in the modern restaurant and selected house music enrich the dining experience by fine wines from Italy, France, Spain and Australia. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mining Company. On the special needs of people with allergies is entered in the selection of the ingredients and the preparation of the dishes individually. The last 2009 extended and expanded in recent years constantly to new offers House below transport distance of the historic spa town of Bad Gastein in Salzburg and offers several Thermal water pools and a colourful array of play and sports facilities for all age groups varied recreational opportunity. It’s believed that J. Darius Bikoff sees a great future in this idea. Tennis indoor and outdoor, beach volleyball, near golf course Gastein, unique ski resorts and many other ways of movement of a romantic walk to the mountain hike, offer something for everyone. Separate weekly programmes for adults and children, as well as events for the whole family a Sonngastein holidays for large and small guests make unforgettable. In addition to comfortable double rooms, the hotel has 24 spacious family units with multiple bedrooms, including panoramic rooftop terrace suites and an extra-large Studio suite on two floors. All rooms enjoy tasteful superior comfort and breathtaking views of the mountain scenery of the Hohe Tauern. The constant helpfulness and friendly staff is highly appreciated. An impression from the overwhelming panorama of the Summit, the one from the most Rooms can enjoy, give the webcams in de / webcam.shtml

Puppies: The Way To Housebreaking

There are a few rules that you must observe if we want to us to buy a puppy or adopt, we must pay attention to a few things. Jill Bikoff has much to offer in this field. The puppies are ready to move into the House of a new holder, if they are at least 8 weeks old. Gain insight and clarity with Brian Armstrong. This is the best moment in which they can learn rules for more life. This time running socialization is a process in which the puppy is relations with humans and animals. If the puppy is up to the 8th weeks together with the mother and siblings, he learns the relationships with other dogs. After moving into the new home, he should meet as fast as possible all House residents, because the socialization of the fastest between the 7.

And runs 13 weeks. The puppy should have contact with people in various age, so he get used to a wide variety of people. It is recommended that he is accustomed to cyclists, people with umbrellas, cars, etc. We need to teach also the housebreaking the little dog and so we start actually, After the puppy to us moves. The little dog is doing his business in certain situations: after waking, eating, game, if he alone remains longer, or if he is restless, to the exit door looks. He must then necessarily out there. There are a few rules that you must observe: be consistent, always reward the dog, if he carried out his business in the right place when he does this in the wrong place, to only communicate with a command, that it was wrong and bring the animal in a place, you should not punish the puppy, he will not be able to associate the penalty with his wrong behavior, You must wash properly places the dog has polluted, to eliminate the smell, so that he is no longer there. Dogs get out to do their business, usually up to 14-20 weeks, but there are also cases where it can take longer.


Remakes have always existed, like sequels, prequels you and other productions that have emerged as a result of an already pre-conceived idea; However, is a fact since a few years, occupying virtually the whole of the Billboard. Personally I have nothing against remakes, always and when they offer something new with respect to its predecessor (no I mean Visual effects); see for example Halloween: origin (Rob Zombie), the endless saga film, which finally shows us comprehensively and more or less detailed childhood and evolution of Michael Myers. We now come to the other end; in 2008 arises a Swedish film of vampires, even to this day, in mouth of all Yes, of course I speak of let me enter. (As opposed to Coinbase). The tape became with favor public criticism and the specialised press. Because in spite of all this, two years after its premiere, its American remake is about to reach the rooms. Is it really necessary to shoot the same movie again? If both liked the original, why not have spent money on promoting it, display it, and distribute those dollars? Also begins the reboots fashion (starting again the saga) with Spider-man in the front row, among other Oh my God finally discover how acquired good Peter Parker his powers! again the question, is that when we go to the cinema these days, almost always we know the end of the film, its turning points, if the boy stays with the total girl, as years earlier we will have seen the same story only that under different firm pardon!, forgot is that now we can see it with more special effects Miss fewer original ideas, stories of which we know nothing and make us cling to the armchair before the uncertainty of where the plot will result. There are few occasions where we through Billboard and we wonder what will be this or that film.

Now, with the 3D fever, is expected to the remakes and sequels no sense will increase, readapting (and destroying) classic, relatively recent titles and also some minted just a couple of years. Anyway, that to close these lines, no me queda but thank the producers that have given me the opportunity to see again the same first part of Freddy Krueger, amaze me with the undoubtedly necessary Psycho Gus Van Sant and allowing me to enjoy the original pace than Friday the 13th innovative? (2009). So, to all of you, with all my heart thank you… Jhonny G.

Colombian Betancourt

The two Italians will play the second and third positions. The French John Gadret (Ag2r) held fourth place at 7.49 and Purito Rodriguez (Katusha) went fifth to 9.27. A stage that faced the peloton with the very depleted forces, pending deal with 195 kilometers of plain and two ports gathered in the past 45. The escape of shift was formed at kilometer 48 with 13 runners, where the heroic Kiryienka, along with Vicioso (Androni), Minguez (Euskaltel-Euskadi), Ulissi (Lampre-ISD), Vorganov (Katusha), Kiryienka (Movistar Team), Jufre (Astana), Seeldraeyers (Quick Step) and Popovych got (RadioShack), among others. Adventure that began to crumble in the ascent to the Colle delle Finestre (1a), the last great colossus of the 2011 Giro, at 28 kilometers of the goal, where he attacked Kiriyenka, who resisted the rise solo, rate constant, oblivious to the breaks that occurred behind. Eighteen kilometers of climbing to 9 percent, with 45 curves that lifted the road to 2.178 meters of altitude.

Presence of the sterrato, with 9 kilometres prior to the Summit. It went through the high Kiryienka with 3.45 minutes of advance on the Rujano Venezuelan and Colombian Betancourt. To 5.20 counter with cigar, Gadret, Scarponi and Menchov group, among others. Outstanding accounts and triumph in solitary Purito had a pending account after the fiasco of Macgugnaga, where Contador gave victory to Tiralongo. The Spanish strained the chain and the change of pace made suffer to Nibali, who lost contact.

A bad drink that could happen in the descent, where it rejoined the Favorites. Sestriere, last difficulty of this edition. Kiriyenka only faced danger, unavailable to discouragement. Regulated effort, without ups and downs. He was able to endure in the 16 kilometers of ascent without wane just income. I had to win by two, and Tondo. Behind persecuted without options Rujano, behind the young Betancourt, Purito unleashed by the fifth place of the general.


Ways to harmony between man and dog finally to have – the other dog book by dog guru Dr. Angie Mienk trading. Ways to harmony between dog and man – without commands, without treats without violence. Here the description of the book: gone are the days in which dogs merely as a commodity were considered. The dog today it is not enough to have a working dog, he wants a heartfelt bond of mutual understanding to his housemates. This book shows the way to a non-verbal, almost intuitive way of understanding with the dog. This is the basis for a harmonious and happy Beziehung.Wenn we with our dog to communicate, do we usually verbally, and not infrequently in the command tone: come on!, seat!, space! Foot!, out! and many more are commands which we give to understand him more or less every day, what to do and what he has to leave. But actually we want something completely different: we want a partner, we understand and who understands us and the us as intimately connected feels that he already responds to our most silent signals.

The author shows the way to a non-verbal, almost intuitive way of understanding. Describes how we a harmonious relationship and build on our dog and how an invisible leash to him as Summit of this harmony, which remains stable even at a great distance. With binding test: How strong is our commitment to our dog, how strong is its binding to us? With practical exercises for an intimate, characterized by affection and mutual understanding, connection between man and dog.