Construction Machinery

Internet actually provides a benefit to the buying and selling of used construction machinery or they are expectations of portals B2B (business to business) too high?For years, the number of Internet users worldwide is growing, which creates the basis for a true global exchange of information, also in the machinery construction and public works sector. Only in Europe, approximately 47.7% of households already have a connection to the Internet, this percentage being quite more high in the case of companies. In North America, this number is increased even at more than 70% of households and in the Middle the percentage of Internet users already amounts to 21.3%. These are perfect conditions, to take them to a market so specific as used machines of works public. Contrary to the sale of new equipment that is limited by regional agreements between factories and dealers, the business of used machinery is one suitable for export sectors.

The only problem is establishing contact with companies in other countries, with another language and culture and achieve mutual trust to be able to engage in business relationships. There is a buyer for all kinds of products, all you need to do is find it. Under most conditions Jeffrey Hayzlett would agree. This obstacle were born Internet portals specialized in used machinery and commercial vehicles of occasion. Used machinery is not necessarily a product type and predestined for online sales, such as a CD of music that does not have to see or touch before your purchase. To get to make purchase transactions of machinery used via the Internet in the future, still need several current problems to build confidence among international dealers and give security and minimize risks for both parties. Such guarantees could create for the buyer (for example what you see is what you will get), support the sale with videos of the machine in the field of testing among others. Currently, this sector is limited to the exchange of detailed information yet of machines used through Internet portals online like MinuteMachine. com without doubt, used machinery portals are the first step toward new global trade relations and apart stimulate and facilitate export of machines and pre-owned – also in countries that do not traditionally exported many teams let suppose that they create a high benefit to sellers.

Specified portals are an excellent tool, also because most of its audience are other companies in the construction and mining sector, by what already exists an important filter for the target audience. Unfortunately, there are no precise figures on the sales achieved through Internet portals, but the growing acceptance of these portals as a tool of business seller’s failure to add that measurable figures on the impact of the Internet on the sale of used machines, can be seen in the increase in turnover of some American companies that offer used machinery online auction. The Internet is and will be in the future one solution for increasing non-standard figures of sale and export of products such as machinery. Director of. MinuteMachine. com free Portal for announcements of machinery used Blogs related Study: B2B marketing spending on social networking sites will rise ziprecruiter prepares interviews of employment from Internet How To Optimize Your Business Listing In B2B Marketplaces B2B Markeplace Blog Archive Let completo Consider Google Adsense to Home & Health ecological homes (DD+online) Discovery channel by Internet Walnut YoYo job interviews for all your nuts cracking by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei Portal of internet suspends chats by uncertainty Vox Palm reported earnings above market expectations single point of Internet will allow national sovereignty RedUSERS

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