COMPANY ‘BOMPERS Inernacional OF SA’ POR. STRESSES RIVERA RUBEN DARIO JUAN PABLO SAAVEDRA BARRERA HERNANDEZ BERNAL JUAN NESTOR CASTRO LWIGY Ing PROPOSAL AND FUNDING IDEA FOR THE GENERATION OF NATIONAL SERVICE LEARNING COMPANY (SENA) Technology in die design social and productive context BOGOTA DC 2008 IDEAL BUSINESS 1. Find an innovative business idea with an emphasis on technology and especially productive. ‘Proposal: company bompers design and manufacture of high technology for cars capable of absorbing an impact without deformation. Ideal core business: The idea stems from the need to design new structures and identify new materials that are capable in combination, to reduce car accidents by collisions or collisions caused by traffic accidents, besides opting for the possibility of reducing costs resulting bomp repair or replace a damaged, with the simple fact that this car can regenerate from a certain percentage of deformation. ‘Products or services technologies to the production or marketing of goods or services proposed in your business idea: necessity is to be used as raw materials, new materials with shape memory materials polymetric to which they can make a die, to to proceed to develop them. For more information see this site: Rio- Tinto Diamonds. There must be a system of hydraulic machines for manufacturing processes. ‘Budget of technological and human resources for creation of the company. 2. a Governor of REBNY

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