Pokleit Wallpaper

Important role in creating comfort wallpaper play because they can make the walls of a variety of colors. Pokleit wallpaper with small pictures, you make a room visually larger. In large rooms can be saturated pokleit wallpaper flowers with large drawings. Wallpaper glue to pre pokleit on the wall newspaper. This will be an additional thermal and noise insulation. Although the paper wallpaper cheap, they are inferior in strength washable wallpaper. If you want to save regularly clean the walls, you just pokleit these wallpapers.

They are the best for durability and hygiene. The first step – prepare the walls to pokleit wallpaper. If no lime paint the walls, they can be cover wallpaper. If the house is newly built, you need to wait several months until the lime becomes calcium carbonate on exposure to air. On the walls are glued wallpaper for the first time? Then they need to prepare. For this purpose, pumice, and 5% aqueous solution of glue. To rub solution was used dlinnovorsuyu brush.

In the preparatory phase should be pasted wall paper: a newspaper or what else. Pressed paper with his hand or a brush. To prepare the walls You can use a special glue, which can be bought in powder form. The second step – as you need to consider the material. First, measures the perimeter of the room. Assume flat and square, each wall of 4m. Then the perimeter will be 16 square meters. You know what the width of the roll. Let it be half a meter. If the 16/0.5, you will receive the necessary number of sheets in length as the height of the room. To determine how many sheets from the roll will divide its length by height of the room. To count the number of sheets of rolls divide by the number of single rolls. Should buy more than you need to at least one roll.

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