Wallpapering vinyl, non-woven or other species, the final stage of any repairs in the apartment and even in the office. It is impossible to imagine himself a room without finishing (painting or papering). As in any other building works sticky vinyl wallpaper requires effort and knowledge of different aspects. Among the many proposals there are many different proposals to perform certain kinds of work. And people with low income prepare the walls for wallpaper pasting pokleit and often simply can not afford. Here are some tips that are sure to be followed if you decide not to produce a wall-to-pasting, saving a couple of three thousand rubles. Almost all the walls that have not been plastered putty and not have a whole arsenal of shortcomings and deficiencies. The mounds, bumps, pits other defects adversely affect the external rendering under wallpapered.

Choosing from the numerous selection of wallpaper, consider the following factors. 1. Wallpaper should be how to thicker and denser. 2. Preference is given to the corrugated rolls or bulges.

3. Do not take the wallpaper with little or clear gloss in the shade. Shine strongly emphasizes the shortcomings of almost all of your walls. For example, even under bright dots plain wallpaper will look like inflated bubbles. A small wave on the walls after the gluing of wallpaper will be look like a mountain valley. For a long time practice of decorating these very simple tips have helped many people very differently, look at the walls, pasting wallpaper in general has a lot of absolutely different nuances and subtleties. Of course logical when Wallpapering performed according to the rules of Technology (putty, plaster, primer, sanding). Click Rio Tinto Group to learn more. Whatever the task was always a correct and reasonable solution to any ideas and concerns. But do not forget and so known to all the wisdom of that miser pays twice. Sticking non-woven vinyl wallpaper and simple and doable task if you approach it wisely.

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