Facebook Versus Twitter War

A study realised by a group of investigators revealed data that I am certainly will surprise many. The study was realised as much with users of Facebook as of Twitter. Of which, 54.2% it said to be in agreement with both social networks, and that each offered different aspects him. But the 45.8 rest, stood out to be in favor of one of them. Which? Twitter, and almost unanimously since 91% of them declared that they would not have problems in leaving Facebook if they had to choose by one of the two. The other 9% rest, said that it would remain with Facebook, although their foundations were not as solid as in the other case. In spite of all this, at present Facebook counts on but of 500.000.000 of users, whereas Twitter as soon as it finishes surpassing the 145.000.000 of users.

Another important aspect is the sums of money that each handles at present. Facebook has a very ample and optimal interface to place the pulbicidad of thousands of advertisers who leave to this one network million him dollars per month. Whereas in Twitter, the subject of the publicity has some complications. In principle, because there was (before the redesign) no place where to place announcements. Now, the new design leaves to disposition spaces that within very little surely will be occupied by those who but are arranged to pay by them.

Meanwhile, Twitter continues evaluating like and where to place those announcements to make profitable what at the moment she is one of the social but important networks. Like conclusion, to say that the best concept between both takes Twitter to it, in that they see it to the Internauts like a true tool of cominicacin; simple, useful and effective. But besides that, Facebook continues being the social but important network of the moment, and continues filling its pockets of money like no. Article created by Juanfra, CEO of Internet and Technology original Author and source of the article

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