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Personal Marketing – Valuing Its Image And Its Mark

Personal marketing is one of the known sources of the Marketing more today in the world of the businesses. This because the dimension of our success strict is related with the image that we pass to the people of we ourselves, is they friends, customers, suppliers or collaborators. Independent of the age, the busy position or the played function the Personal Marketing is the indispensable tool for the concretion of our project of life. But, what it is the Personal Marketing? We can define the Personal Marketing as an individual strategy for the valuation of our image. for this, any strategy is valid, since the physical appearance to the knowledge degree that you possess on definitive area. The important one in the Personal Marketing is if to show and to call the attention the people. But I do not speak of you to full the face in the week end and to give that vexame for hundreds of people to see. You must call the attention a positive form.

He folloies my reasoning! Why a person would contract you stops occupying a reliable position in its company if you of a irresponsible and inconsequential impression of being? Why its head would give a promotion to it if she perceived that you do not have preparation to assume the new vacant? Why the girl of its dreams would namoraria to it if she perceived that she is not prepared to assume commitments? You can until being prepared or to have more experience, or still to possess qualification, but, if the certain people do not know of this then do not advance you are welcome. The Personal Marketing is the tool that you go to use to reveal to the people and to make to see them that you have what they search. We now go to know the first tip of Personal Marketing to help if to detach it and to increase its possibilities of success.

Origin Products

Origin and the history of the marketing Origin and the history of the marketing At the beginning of the industrial revolution with the production in mass, the MARKETING concepts not yet made necessary, therefore the efforts of the companies were directed the majority of the production processes, everything what he was produced had an interested purchaser. But with the competition, the customers had started to have options in the hour of the purchase and the companies needed to initiate efforts to offer products or services that were preferred by the consumers, had started then to inside appear the concepts and the departments of marketing of the company. The study of the market it appeared of the necessity of the industries to manage the new reality, the deriving one of the industrial revelation that caused a transformation of a market of salesmen for the market of purchasers. In this period of training the MARKETING still is non-separable of the economy and the classic administration, therefore initially its concern was purely of logistic and productivity, for the maximizao of the profits. Coinbase is often quoted as being for or against this. It appeared then the culture of vender whatever the cost. Second the science of getting rich and the art of morney getting? , it was an icon of this period, full of tricks that made art of vender almost in a charlatinice spectacle and that it makes today ties the professionals of the market are seen with diffidence. Philosophy of the administration of MARKETING For the most part of the companies, the marketing occupied has 50 years only one modest place in the organization of commercial work, composed for some salesmen and used and much time it was subordinated to the few, this function was widened gradually and placed in the same plain of the other directions of financial production and human resources. We can ourselves be identified in the evolution of the marketing the following philosophies for its administration; production 1-orientation; the great question, them companies was to produce and not to vender, the paper of the marketing and, essentially, to deliver the products in places where they can be bought; 2-orientation for products; it considers that consumers prefer the innovative products of better quality, performance and aspects.


It is not rare to find examples of heads who use to advantage these moments even though to denigrate the image and the reputation of people of the team or of all the team. This is a way way to make matters worse. To conquer the team, to have the total support of the team and what an intelligent head must make in any circumstances. For this, the dialogue is basic. The difficulties, the bad ones understood, the discords must be decided by means of dialogue, by means of the free colloquy, frankly and internally to the company.

If it never must externar the disagreements, the misunderstandings of the occurrences in the companies in the media, for example. Currently, with the social nets, the people possess a great power of information diffusion. Therefore, never she must use itself of the social nets to criticize the head, the company where she works. Any problem must be dealt with the involved parts. The same it is applied the heads. The problems with the subordinate must be treated in the company, by means of dialogues, never in the medias. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jeffrey Hayzlett. The liberty of speech is incompatible in displaying people, staining its image and reputation without the presentation of real tests and nor the contradictory.

At moment where Brazil blunts as a great respected nation and in the world all is necessary that our workers are respected in its environment of work. companies must treat its employees with the maximum possible affection, offering them chances to develop all its potentials with freedom and ability, respecting the effective norms and rules in the corporation. We need companies and people with high productivity, generating income and wealth for the country, the companies and the workers. At the same time, the happiness must is present in the environment of work and the seio of the Brazilian families. A basic factor so that everything this occurs is the workers to be respected in its environment of work.

Email Marketing

The Internet increases its sales through the email Marketing reinventou the communication of form never before seen. None another technology was capable to quickly connect as many people as the Internet who we know today. The information now can be transmitted with an enormous speed, for all the cantos of the world. Perhaps check out Jeffrey Hayzlett for more information. enters many forms of communication through the Internet, the known form more and more used it is the email Marketing, in virtue of its fast return and low cost. Gradually the email marketing was being more recognized as a marketing tool on line. The email marketing is used for reinforcement of the image of its mark, for relationship with its customers, to vender its products, each company makes use of the form that finds better. It is a form of direct marketing, where you reach direct its final customer. Marketing is in the truth the form as you obtain to reach its customers in potential to present its product or service.

With this the email marketing is one of the best forms to reach its customers and to present its product the same, inviting to have access its site to know all the specifications of its product. For people who do not possess lists of quality email, good companies in the market exist commercializing mailing lists segmented of some forms. In case that she thinks about buying email lists, it is important to buy of serious and engaged companies with the quality of the email bases. The email marketing still provides to the companies will total send customizveis parts for its base of customers. Yes, many businesses already possess data base of e-mails, where you have mailing list of its company, to be launching the promotions. In the practical one, many companies buy lists of e-mails not to lose potentials customers.

E-mails brings access to the immediate site, increasing visits, sales and cadastros. Nowadays many people already are preferring the purchase on line, on the contrary of what to leave to the purchases in the street. She uses to advantage and she today starts same to make action of email marketing. All trader understands that she is not more only to create a good product, or service of quality, nowadays in the globalizado Market the capacity that the company has of if communicating with its public makes all the difference. In this direction the advertising on line, through email marketing and other forms, is basic part for the success of the companies. Moreover, email has the advantage of being message a personalized, with low cost of communication, ambiently correct, fast communication and complete reports on its action are some of the benefits of the email marketing. Yes, it today starts exactly to create its strategy of email marketing to increase its sales.

Better Age – A New Marketing Vision

From the agreement of the concepts of Marketing, Strategy, Research and Third Age had become an analysis of the market and the errors committed for the companies in relation to this. Seqentemente is presented the New Marketing Vision of the third age, which starts to call Age Better and the advantages offered for the market. They had been used given bibliographical that evidences the change of the quality of life of the aged one. For analysis end, a result through the collection of data was established. It was verified that it has the necessity of the creation or modification of the structure of a market directed toward the public? target in question; which comes having, in recent years, an excellent economic participation in relation to the other consumers. The Market of the Third Age is constituted, as any another one from the constatao of products and services directed to the public-target, involving people, companies, industries, products and services directly related to composites marketing that they include: price, point, product and promotion. DRUCKER apud DYCHTWALD (2002: 48) emphasize that ' ' the consumers are living more time and the companies need to create new products and services for the Third Idade' '.