Better Age – A New Marketing Vision

From the agreement of the concepts of Marketing, Strategy, Research and Third Age had become an analysis of the market and the errors committed for the companies in relation to this. Seqentemente is presented the New Marketing Vision of the third age, which starts to call Age Better and the advantages offered for the market. They had been used given bibliographical that evidences the change of the quality of life of the aged one. For analysis end, a result through the collection of data was established. It was verified that it has the necessity of the creation or modification of the structure of a market directed toward the public? target in question; which comes having, in recent years, an excellent economic participation in relation to the other consumers. The Market of the Third Age is constituted, as any another one from the constatao of products and services directed to the public-target, involving people, companies, industries, products and services directly related to composites marketing that they include: price, point, product and promotion. DRUCKER apud DYCHTWALD (2002: 48) emphasize that ' ' the consumers are living more time and the companies need to create new products and services for the Third Idade' '.

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