The Afghan Girl

Of the works presented in the set of documents I give to prominence the three in particular: The Afghan Girl of Steve McCurry, the photo oceanic of the shoal of fish of barracudas registered by David Doubilet and the not less famous register of the meeting of Jane Goodall with the chimpanzee made for Michael Nichols. All the three photos had counted on a very acurada perception of its authors, and if it sees gift all to the definitions that we elencamos above. The oceanic photo of Doubilet me despertou attention for the ability of the photographer in an environment that offered great difficulties, a register underneath of deep oceanic waters with equipment considered rudimentary for our present time. The photo of Nichols denotes a odd sensitivity of the professional, it in fact it dived of head at the moment where the meeting between the famous British anthropologist and the chimpanzee registered; already on the work of McCurry, I found sufficiently opportunist, it knew to use to advantage a moment where the subject if dealt with a world-wide controversy, the refugee fields in the Afeganisto, and the image of a girl with an expressive look beautiful finished putting into motion the thematic one in international scope. With regard to the awardee photo of the Afghan girl, I have a comment that perhaps has past unoticed for many, I found the position of McCurry, opportunist in excess, perhaps even though antiethical. The life risk imagines that the personage passed to the being photographed without burca, a taboo in the passvel Islamic community of penalty of death for stoning. Perhaps the search desperate per years of the girl, has been a pain in the conscience of the photographer and the desperation of if having the clean conscience of that the same one still was alive. .

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