Sir Isaac Newton

But he is proven scientifically that the dinossauros had left to exist, wants to say, had disappeared of the face of the planet, having left as test formidable sseas structures, much before the advent of the primates. One pum collective, perhaps! As the scientific demonstrations, retroacting to the remote origins of the Orbe, we go coming across in them with a nebula of gaseous mass the millions of centigrade degrees, this behind has four billion and five hundred million years, turning in an elliptical orbit around the Sun to the daily speed of two million and five hundred a thousand kilometers daily, that is, more than the one hundred a thousand hourly kilometers, rigorously keep the preset basic criteria in so accurate mathematical calculations that engineer some will never obtain the least to imagine most elementary declared. Carlos Barros wrote that who was Sir Isaac Newton placed the house in sequence. We go to come across with cooling constant and gradual of nebula, whose peripheral structure is made solid, imprisoning in interior material in boiling, which poderosssima bomb, that still in our days keeps the temperature of two a thousand centigrade degrees (when the water fervente is of only one hundred degrees), forming the seas, the mountains and the continents, providing conditions to the seismic and magmatic phenomena in form of earthquakes volcanos that as many devastaes have provoked for all the parts of the globe. In the year of 1969, when the American astronauts had returned from the trip to the Moon, the studies made in the samples of the ground lunar had presented similarity between that one and of the coast the west of the United States, or more necessarily, of California, making to believe that the Globe would have been victim of one I shake seismic gigantic that pulled out it a block, launching it the space and placing it in orbit, transformed into satellite.

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