What it seemed tocvel, with taking away the leaves of the time is distanciado or esvado of our reach. It has entrefolhas impious with our devaneios and transfer it our condition human being; they ignore our limits and the immaturity for the overcoming. The restart, vital, rare in the sample as to make the junction of the cacos, and the haste of the urgency takes in them, exactly cambaleados to raise, it and to identify the exit, still embaada for the veil of the uncertainty and the abstract of the unreliability, but the conduction to a new period of training is necessary and the adestramento is necessary; in this I lard, training demands interrogations as: How many times still I will have that to be esfacelado and to be joined for ‘ ‘ vida’ ‘? What it will have the road that track to offer to me? Still it will arise in this to walk some flower between as many thorns? But, if questions are necessary, answers are vital ahead of the fluidity of the time. I, blocked by limitations and curiosidades, uneasy me: Daily of the life! Here pra we, how many leves have (if he has), me to flow grace? Thus, he follows the History of the human beings, in which nobody escapes of the contained aratacas ferrenhas in any trajectory that each one is obliged to follow; however, many, when turning pages the penultimate page, are awarded by discovering that all valley the penalty, since that it does not lose the connection with the executor of the time..

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