Web Navigation

In previous posts concerning the design of web pages, where we pointed out the need for the importance that our web pages were evident, we showed some examples of practical cases. Returning to the concept of obvious web pages there is a point which we must consider in any web development, and this is that in many cases, by the very nature of the companies or services, be evident in web design is not simple. A case study are the advertising agencies. Given the nature of advertising where required be creative full time, the design of their web sites, in general, should convey the idea of originality, and how this is accomplished? Since being creative at the time of your Web page. The problem starts when you have to decide between originality and functionality.

When a page has as a priority to be creative rather than functional, the only option that you have is the be explicit, i.e. be as descriptive as possible when in web design elements are not obvious. Let’s start by browsing. For some strange reason the first thing that you want to change when designing a very original Web page is the main navigation and, in general, the first place on the web page where you want to place is at the bottom. Well, already in itself it is fairly complicated to place navigation on the bottom of web pages by technical issues monitors and browsers, but a determining factor is the common user does not expect to find there the navigation. Yes already take decision of the footer will be where it will be navigation, then we will have to make sure that nothing on the page appears a link if it is not in reality, in fact, ideally, not put more links to not confuse the user, this with the purpose that the user lower around the site looking for links.

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