We Are All Different And That Matter

We are all different and that matter? The fact that we are all different gives richness to the world in which we live. For me it is truly fascinating elpoder learn from every human being because we all do things differently. Each mental process in which we are engaged is in itself unique, totally original and from my point of view quite interesting. Whether it’s something we do that it takes us to achieve something we want, as if it’s something that we do and that leads to an unwanted outcome. In both cases, the process that we do is a creation that if we separate it into different steps, and came somehow to modeling in detail, we can understand that possibly nobody is that do that in the same way as us. Well, this unique feature, which makes it so rich our experience, is an impediment to being able to establish a valid standard for all and allow us to be successful or achieve our goals or achieve a particular result. Our individuality, that as I studied once found me in all cases fascinating, it is what makes me distrust of systems that leave aside the particular processes of any person and recommended protocols of the type: the 10 habits needed to become a millionaire. As I have always maintained, possibly these habits have been those who made a millionaire to someone, but I also suspect that people who implement those 10 habits in your life and remain as they were there are.

The problem is that those methods of 5, 7 or 10 steps, are common, and centred if they leave space to each person take into account the way you process personal, but they unfortunately tend to be inflexible rules. From my experience, it is often much more useful experience from several different directions, to learn how we are, we want to do and why. This will allow us to tackle a coaching process with more guarantees of knowing that is what is happening. Otherwise we will be simply trying if it sounds the flute and the expected result It arises. I am confident that in the future this kind of approaches closer to understand what really happens, they are most common. So flexibilizaran different theories and ways of doing things.

Views apparently extreme, will begin to compatiblizarse. In the background I would like to believe that in this way we can on the one hand are closer to knowing what we want and besides step, get it. And above all we will have fun in the process. A cordial greeting Jose Ramo original Autor and source of the article

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