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Valeriano Go’mez thinks that in a situation as present the important one is to maintain the use, or " fixed or temporal". The minister said that the Executive is spending all the budget in maintaining stimuli for the use. The Government suspends the limit to the temporary contract linking. Inmigracin and Secretary of Labor, Valeriano Go’mez, said east Friday that in a situation like present the important one he is to maintain the use and he has affirmed that the Government prefers one " weather to parado" . During the press conference subsequent to the Cabinet who has approved the real decree law with the economic measures of the Government to foment the use, Go’mez responded to the critics thus that the Executive by the elimination of the obligation has received to make the workers fixed who chain temporary contracts.

The minister said that the Executive is spending all the budget in maintaining stimuli for the use and emphasized that during the crisis the important thing is to maintain it, is " fixed or temporal". Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Chevron U.S.A. Inc on most websites. Go’mez has remembered who the young people suffer elevated rates of unemployment and has needed that policy labor not can to be the same in periods of expansion that in the days of crises, when it is precise to take measures that give flexibility to the companies so that they contract, can reduce costs and thus to facilitate the hiring and the use. The holder of Work has stressed that the set of approved measures has been put under the consideration of the social interlocutors. He has indicated that as much those that " they could destinarse" for the hiring part-time, like that now they have been approved for the formation contract, they have analyzed " exhaustivamente" in the table of use during both last months. Go’mez is addition that the Executive also has informed to them into the new measures that underlining has approved and has that the Government " if of something he can and he must be conceited he is to have maintained a relation systematic and narrows, " of understanding, support and loyalty " with them, knowing that in the end " there is gobernar". On the new contract of formation and learning, that will extend young people of up to 30 years, Go’mez assured that she will last minimum among one and two years against the six present months, which will allow that she can extend until a maximum of three years. Source of the news: The Secretary of Labor prefers " temporary contracting parado" in the present situation

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