The Principle

At the end of that irritation, apply skin cream or after shave gel, especially before actually visiting the beach or in the solarium. Quality hair removal depends on the quality of the epilator. Therefore, we can not say about themselves and their instruments range. The principle of operation of any appliance is as follows: several pairs of metal discs rotate and come into contact, grasp hairs as tweezers, removing them from their roots. This is called multipintsetnoy system.

It allows you to capture even very short (up to 0.5 mm) hairs. There are simple models of the budget class (cheap). They can be recommended for women with 'no problem' skin and sparse hairs. Pay attention to the appliance company philips hp 2840 pb. This may only one speed epilator. Its advantage – low price.

In general, almost all models are equipped with two-or three-speed pincer system. The first speed (lower) is designed for short or thin hair. If these hairs are removed at high speed, then just break off the hairs, but not removed. At low speeds, such hairs pulled out with a chive. In those places where the hair is longer and more rigid, better use second gear. These hairs more jerks are not terrible, but at high speed during hair removal and the associated discomfort reduced. system philips Satinelle firm has 21 rotating drive, which at first speed tweaks commit 600 per second, while in the second – 733 nip. This model philips hb 2841 and hp 6437 pb pb.

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