The Flash

We recommended to you, if your intention is the one to realise a strong promotion on your Web or to try to position it, not to develop it everything in flash, if not to use the flash in parts of your documents if what you need it is to give him to something of vistosidad or dynamism. 5- You do not try to deceive Google with old woman tricks (that no longer work) as the hidden text (text with the same color that the similar bottom of the page) nor resources. 6- It tries that your pages contain text, and that in this text the criteria appear by which you wish to be found in Google. Continue to learn more with: Jeffrey Hayzlett. Google will show the pages based on the information that can extract of them, mainly of the title and the text contents. 7- It increases your pagerank.

For it tries to make contact from other Web sites towards yours, for example, by means of an interchange with Web sites of thematic complementary similar or. In addition, certainly if the contents of your Web site are interesting, more of a site it will include a connection towards yours without not even you must request it. 8- It tries not to use frames or marks in your page index. Google to index a page extracts information of her, if your page index this composing of marks, in fact, the contents of that page is only frameset, that is to say the few lines of code that establish the marks of the page. 9- If your site is dynamic (asp, php ) it tries that at least the page index is not it, is easier that Google indexes a static page that a dynamics. 10 – Dominion and hosting of payment in principle it seems that it facilitates the indexing of the sites, if it does not suppose an economic crisis to you, it tries to register your own dominion and to lodge it in hosting of payment and avoids the gratuitous lodgings without I dominate. Original author and source of the article

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