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5 Wish happiness to others. Do not confuse you. He is not inordinately deliver everything and everyone. That would be a search of approval which would eventually stay away from everything that we have here commented. We do not want to build the happiness of the person loved on our backs. That would be misleading to everyone involved. What I want to express yourself is the importance of wish people loved and appreciated to have best thing that may have at that time. Perhaps an example will serve to see the difference of what I intend to explain: alvaro and Javier are my two children.

I wish are most happy that can. I wish that every day they can build more solid foundations on which to settle. I wish that never cease to learn everything what life holds for them. I would like to continue sharing my time with them, the more joyful and the toughest, because I want to be able to grow along with them. I wish they make mistake as necessary and continue walking. I want you to understand that happiness is not a search, but a choice. I want to be able to see them happy despite the circumstances. I want to be able to help them in whatever is necessary and possible.

I want to be able to continue seeing them every day through more love, goodness and tenderness. I want to give them as much happiness as they to my. And why and through this, I want a full and satisfactory in which to continue sharing life. And I feel every day of my life, every moment, that passion becomes more and more extensive. Wish happiness makes us feel happy. Best attitude I can’t think to life, that an action that encompasses the respect, joy, responsibility, love and the beautiful opportunity to continue growing and learning original author and source of the article

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