It is very likely that you’ve already tried before and know that it will not attract a woman, I stayed there and thus does not work. You must treat women as income you would you try to any of your friends or as a stranger, and by this I mean that you don’t disgrace will try to buy their affection with met (what cute you are!, expensive gifts, or this sort of thing.) That doesn’t work! 3. You have to get the interesting, you must be a challenge here I’ll give a big secret. To conquer a woman, you must make her feel that you are the prize, and not that you you die by it, or you think it all day. Women want what you cannot have and if you are difficult to achieve she will feel that time with you is something that should be assessed as not just any day you are there for her. If you’re all day behind her give an image of needy, weak man, and with a boring life. You’re not looking for what to do, not Gates meetings with your friends for her, she is who has to make an effort to see you! 4. Physical contact physical contact is essential in the art of seduction of women from the day that you know them.

If you have just a girl, greet her Kiss, of hand, either by touching her back naturally and trustful, as you would do with your friends. NOT have fear, the attitudes are weak, women want to be with a man who knows guide in a relationship! I’ve outlined some of the most important points to know as conquer a woman. To get all the secrets you need to attract women totally free!, Subscribe to our newsletter which is located at the top of the page. I have prepared a free report that you can download it here: as seduce women, enter now and see the 10 doubts of seduction you should know before you start your plan of conquest. For your success with women!

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