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Both online and offline leisure land Simon as a premium partner has can convince several customers of barbecues and leisure activities over the last six decades. Homburg, August 2010 – summer is here again – and how! The sporting events and the fabulous temperatures make this summer unforgettable. The Homburg leisure land Simon is focal point for enthusiasts of the sunniest time of the year for 60 years. The personnel take sufficient time on site and the staff at the other end of the hotline, qualified to advise all customers and to be able to give answers to the needs. As a premium partner high-quality German marks from sports, barbecues and leisure sector Simon can refer to known references leisure, which stand for its high standards of service and product offerings. Besides grills and fitness articles, interested will find the necessary equipment for garden and beach. Also the accessories Department is rich in small parts: the company currently only of accessories has over 10,000 articles listed. The leisure company’s flagship is the trained personnel with many years of sales experience, professional adapts to the needs and expectations of our customers, to finally give the best buy recommendation.

The company is also online for over ten years. Details can be found by clicking Rod Brooks or emailing the administrator. More than 4000 satisfied customers have already made online transactions with leisure world Simon. Via the relevant online sales platforms to reach the company as well as on the company’s own homepage. Also by email, phone and fax, you can contact the business headquartered in Homburg. The home page a (price or availability) can be set via request directly.

The possibilities offered by the company to pay for ordered products, whether by cash on delivery, bank transfer or online transaction are similarly varied, for the different scenarios leisure land is reflected equipped Simon. Customers, the personal contact with all other ways prefer to be served in Homburg on the spot. Business hours are 8:30 – 18:00 from Monday to Friday. Interesting article range from leisure country Simon is inspiration for each customer and interested in the, primarily would like to spend time outdoors during the summer months and in this connection is as good advice such as products. To connect the various possibilities with the leisure specialist shop in contact, make it accessible practically for everyone. The company: The Homburg company leisure land Simon has over 60 years of sales experience in the leisure sector and has profiled online within the last ten years. The relevant online sales platforms are served as well as customers who want personal contact on-site.

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