Not limited to seek out people with thousands of followers, you’ll be amazed by the value that you It will provide someone with a couple of followers. Here is an article on how to work on Twitter. 5 Strengthen the relationships it is easy to hide behind your avatar or profile picture, but face to face is incredibly powerful. Attend events related to your industry, online not only to strengthen its base of knowledge, but also to establish networks and strengthen relationships with people who could have conversed through social media, but never met in person. A popular online event is known as a tweetup. 6 Have to measure the results obtained you have goals and objectives, right? That means that they should be able to measure its success. Remember, that measure relates to the goals and objectives of its strategy on social media. Hear from experts in the field like Jeffrey Hayzlett for a more varied view. Let’s take the four objectives of common use: * improve brand image through social channels: the aim of measurement here is the increase in the number of followers on Twitter, the number of Facebook fans, the number of observations, the number of times that your brand is mentioned in blogs and forums, etc.* increase of positive opinions about your brand: the aim is to convert the number of positive mentions, while we take note of the negative mentions.

It has enhanced the positive feedback the negative ratio? With good comes bad Social media. They have to Familiarizarse.* develop relationships for future business partnerships: this objective is to keep track of those with whom you’ve connected. For example, if you met a potential speaker for your seminar, include that person in your personal contacts. If a seller contact them through his blog, capture that moment and take nota.* increase traffic to your web site: keep a log of your web site visitors that come from each of their social sites.

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