In developed countries, waste paper – a key source of fibrous raw materials in pulp and paper industry. Major products produced abroad, using recycled paper – it's packing kinds of paper and paperboard, newsprint, writing paper, printing and sanitary and hygienic paper. In the production of construction materials waste paper used to make roofing, hydro and thermal insulation materials. To increase the efficiency of waste paper As recycling is a necessary condition for the separate collection of garbage in the population at reception centers, as well as other schemes. Separate collection of waste from the population helps to reduce the volume of waste disposed of at landfills which, in turn, allows at least partially finance the acquisition method from the funds allocated to public utilities of cities. Those interested in such services as wholesale and retail export of waste paper, often face the problem of determining grade raw materials. Export price depends on the quality of raw materials, and, therefore, necessary to understand all the intricacies of junk range.

In order to alleviate some collection of information by make recycled paper, we have decided to publish for you a list of the most popular brands: MC-1A – Waste from the production of white paper (except newsprint) paper for printing, writing, drawing, drawing, foundation sensitized paper and other types of white paper. MC-2A – Waste from the production of all kinds of white paper in the form of scraps from the ruling and black and white or color strip, printing paper, writing, diagramnaya, drawing. MC-5B – Waste production and consumption of corrugated cardboard, paper and cardboard used in its production. MS-7B – Used books, magazines, pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, notebooks notebooks, notepads, posters and other production printing industry and paper and stationery products, products with monochrome and color printing, with no binders, covers, roots, issued on white paper. MC-8B – Waste from the production and consumption of newspapers and newsprint. MC-9B – Paper sleeve, a spool (without rods and tubes), bushings (without coating and impregnation). Removal of waste and recycling of solid waste significantly reduces pollution. Do not neglect nature.

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