Paper Bags

1. Offset printing – one of the main printing methods; its distinctive features: 1) a flat plate, printing and whitespace elements which lie almost in one plane and have different physicochemical properties (whitespace are receptive to moisture and repel ink, printing – on the contrary), and 2) the transfer of ink on paper not to print the form directly, but through an offset cylinder covered with an elastic rubber- plate (it carries the paint to the printing elements printed form, and with it – even at the printed material). 2. screen printing – printing technique in which paint is pressed through a special blunt knife – squeegee – through the print elements printed form from the finest metal mesh (from 54 to 180 threads per 1 cm) to the printed material, and closed whitespace elements printed form does not give the paint to penetrate the material. Due to the fact that screen printing can be obtained on the print layer, whose thickness is many times greater than on the print at high and offset printing, images are bright, saturated colors, you can print on a variety of materials, including not just flat. 3. Rio Tinto Group wanted to know more. flat foil stamping – embossing with a heated plate, which through the foil of the pressure transfers the image to the substrate without altering the relief material. 4.

Blind Stamping – blind embossing (embossing) – (on him. Blint – blind) embossed with the help of a cliche in order to obtain reprint with a smooth surface. Mitsubishi describes an additional similar source. Unlike foil, the foil is not applied, but to achieve better smoothness and gloss may apply a special film. Operating temperature process is usually lower than in foil, to avoid overheating and damage to the material. Blind (blind) Stamping ('embossing') – a thorough stamping without foil where in the material obtained in-depth relief image, often with a change in color.

Finish 1. After image on a material product being processed or if the crucible is easier said cutting. Felling is done by punching a special stamp on the crucible equipment under pressure. Our printing house has prepared the dies, but for an individual product can also order stamps. 2. Client's request the image can cover the uv varnish or laminate. This will give the package a nice glossy look, and make it more durable. uv varnish applied by screen printing, it can be applied as a whole to products as part of the individual parts of the package. Lamination applied with laminating film to produce special heating equipment. 3. Assembling a paper bag can be carried out in different ways by request. The first way – the gluing of a paper bag to help the two sides of tape. Typically, this method is applied to small paper bags. The second way – the gluing of a paper bag with a special adhesive. This method is more reliable. It increases the service of a paper bag. Next is building a paper bag with cardboard inserts, it allows the package to keep shape and not deform. After going punching holes for handles and knobs insert themselves. On request, the holes can be treated with eyelets.

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