EBusiness eBusiness and e-business, (acronym of the English language and electronic business), refers to all activities and business management practices resulting from incorporation to the business of information technology and communication technology (ICT) general and particularly the Internet, as well as decentralized reconfiguration of organizations and their adaptation to the characteristics of the new economy. The e-business, which emerged in the mid-1990s, has been a marked change in the traditional approach to capital and labor, pillars of the business and in their productive and organizational practices. The activities which bring together customers, suppliers and partners such as marketing and sales, production and logistics, management and finance take place in e-business in computer network that in turn allow a decentralization in business lines.The e-bussiness is a general concept that encompasses turn particular terms such as e-commerce, with which it is sometimes confused, e-payment, e-logistics, front-and-back-office, among others, and includes the use of technology EDI, CRM or ERP, and the adoption of forms or networked business models like B2B or B2C, and integration through new strategic activities such as Business Intelligence or Knowledge Management.


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