Marketing Like Conversation

Recently two especially interesting studies on the future of that strange world have been published that we called marketing. First it is of the consultant Booz Allen Hamilton and is from where we have removed the title of this article: marketing like conversation. The second study it has elaborated the division of consultancy of IBM and paraphrasing a well-known song of the North American group REM, has called it ‘ The aim of the publicity as conocemos’. In both we were manifolds very interesting lessons. RioCan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For example that marketing has stopped being a speech, a skillful lesson of a gentleman, (means: the TV, the radio, the press, etc.) to many listeners, to become a conversation, between the creators of the messages, – the advertisers, – and the receivers of the same, – the consumers. Internet allows these to think on the message/announcement, to criticize it, to interpret it, to adapt it to its ideas or desires. This supposes an immense opportunity for the companies that are abreast of these changes and that take advantage of that intervention the consumers to its favor: deepening in its knowledge of the same, taking note from its desires and needs and acting consequently, what basically it is translated in adapting his speech, and mainly its product, to which them demand.

This ‘ marketing conversacional’ he is very recommendable for any type of company but it is it even more if it fits for the SMEs. Since we have already commented in some other post, Internet would have to be, certainly, the means par excellence for companies with few resources that to invest in communication. But it is that in addition, as is reflected well in the studies before mentioned, the form to use Internet must be different from the sight in traditional means. The presence of the SME in Internet must be something more than a mere showcase of its products or services, along with its direction and telephone number. Its page Web must be an prolongation of its physical dependencies, must be a site where it is possible to be talked. Where the present or future clients can put record of their needs and receive answer to their restlessness. For everything it is one long battery of tools, (forums, blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.) that can be used. In other coming articles we will be speaking of many of them.

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