Intel Core

Solid state disks rigid of solid state drives taking a spacecraft, it would pull a wagon wheel? What are solid state drives and why is them also called rigid solid state disks: there is a tendency to call them in the Argentina hard disks, probably, since in a not too distant future, these solid state drives have to replace them. It is without going further and for a simple and better understanding of type flash memories, as we are already accustomed to use them in pen drives or MP3 players. What are the advantages of these units? We have listed just a few: to) its high speed of performance: information, in these, search time is reduced to 1 millisecond. (b) highly impact-resistant: their resistance not only makes them more durable in time, but also more appropriate for use in laptop computers, so for example, vibration unaffected them. Who does not remember the already inputted disused portable CD players, who as well as being large and uncomfortable against a MP3 or MP4 had the disadvantage that when one went jogging jumped along with one.

On the other hand, what happens to the MP3? With them we can run, walk light and even out to ride without that this is to the detriment of the quality of the audio. (c) its high-speed performance makes these solid state drives also ideals for our desktop computers since they are the ideal complement that will achieve that our PC has, on the whole, a faster performance and efficient both in work and in play. And return to the question of the header: taking a spaceship, would it pull a wagon wheel? Becoming increasingly is more people that renews your PC wanting to achieve peak performance. -Want a Intel Core 2 Duo processor. -I better want a Quad Core – No, no, better go around an Intel i5 or i7 – Yes, Yes, and we put also of 4 to 6 Gb memory great options in microprocessors, both Intel and AMD peers, but this is precisely where we are with the analogy of the spacecraft that pulls a wagon.

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