Increase Your Productivity

Everyone would like to be able to complete more work in less time. However, you have the feeling that never arrive on time? You work non-stop and never studded list of to-do things? Well you are not alone. We must manage the time. In fact the key to productivity is not more work, but work better. Then I tell seven small but important tips to dramatically increase your working efficiency. Increase the times that every day you can say this is already finished.

1 Before starting the day, you decide 5 important tasks you’ll finish. I have not said you want to finish but gonna finish. 5 Ensures that at least three (better four) are important (those who bring sales, earn medals or increase your professional chances). Hand writes a list of these five tasks. 2.

Before to start the day, check your urgent tasks. Of them, identifies which can postpone indefinitely. Almost always, the urgent may simply be forgotten. These tasks are what we It prevents end importantly. We must learn to be fierce in the denial of making nonsense. 3 Reduce distractions. The best way to complete the tasks important is disconnecting you from the world. It is not always possible, but try to answer calls on a fixed schedule. You wont always open the mail and put the Skype, Messenger and other online out by nature people are sociable and like to communicate with others. However, we are also rational creatures able to curb our impulses (at least for short periods). Without a doubt, this is the most effective trick to improve productivity. 4. Delegate tasks to other people. That things can do others in your place? Tasks that you could not dismiss entirely in step 2, which you can pass to another person? To end, you’re the person who is trying to increase your productivity.

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