Import And Export Guide To Step By Step

This book aims to disseminate the proceedings of the most important regimes, such as: Import Regime with its variants and Export Scheme, which come to be the most used of all ten (10) regimes customs that exist in our country. Also, for a better understanding of the topic in Chapter III we will find more documents used in all customs procedures, such as: commercial invoice, bill of lading, insurance policy and others. In this sense, this paper tries to explain in simple and brief guidelines to follow to perform an import and / or exports, taking into account that the achievement of each should bear in mind the type of merchandise , in order to comply with the requirements for each, such as special permission for entry or exit from the country that must be managed in the institution concerned. Knowing the reality of growing international trade in our country, export seized as an interesting alternative for companies wishing to sell their products to other countries because our goods are famous or international respect, and we believe that this book the guide may generally for export of any goods that want to export. Corey S. Ribotsky Imports are also necessary even cover certain needs of our population, so this book will be of much help in the procedure to follow to achieve it. Contents of the Guide to Importing and Exporting Blocks: CHAPTER I: THE IMPORTANCE OF FOREIGN TRADE Peru’s Foreign Trade Customs procedures. a. Definitive arrangements. b. Temporal regimes. c. Emergency powers. d. Improvement schemes. e.Customs Operations. Incoterms. CHAPTER II: CLASSES OF IMPORT Depending on your transaction. 1.1 Import Trade 1.2 Import non Commercial Under his tenure 2.1 Temporary Import Import 2.2 Final 2.3 According to the Legal Regime 2.4 According to the Product. CHAPTER III: DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR IMPORT Commercial Invoice 1.1 Structure of the Commercial Invoice 1.2 Class Bill 1.3 Correction of errors on the Commercial Invoice Packing List or Packig List Shipping documents 3.1 Bill of Lading or Bill of Lading 3.2 Air Waybill 3.3 Insurance Policy 3.4 Certificate of Origin 3.5 Other certifications CHAPTER IV: PROCEDURE IMPORT Introduction Electronic Transmission Single Customs Declaration Customs Control Channels Green 3.1Canal 3.2 Channel orange Red Channel 3.3 3.4 Cancellation of Statement 3.5 Withdrawal from storage 3.6 Customs Clearance of Rights Final Import Regime INTA-PG.

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