How To Avoid Troubles When Buying An Apartment (part 1 )

It would seem that it may be easier today than buying an apartment (provided that you have the money). This, of course, so if you know all the nuances of the law, the hidden pitfalls and other 'doorsteps. " But what if you are buying apartment for the first time, and thus are not specialists in the Housing Code? For such "pervopokupateley" share my experience and cones, which are already filled. First you need to sort out the prices for apartments in your city. To do this in any search engine type in the phrase (because I live in Voronezh, we'll discuss this city), "Property in Voronezh" and get an endless list of sites with relevant information. After that methodically start "surfing". What is it? First of all, make sure that the flat, you have targeted, is really worth as much as you might expect. Agree, it is unpleasant to find out at the last moment, that you liked apartment costs you 20 percent more expensive.

Now you know that the collected amount will be enough, and even looked closely at the appropriate option: negotiations with the seller – you are satisfied. Previously struck with the seller on her hands, and began gathering the necessary documents. The main and the only proof of the seller's right to an apartment, a certificate of ownership. No contract of sale, nor any other document, only a certificate! In addition, the seller must be prior agreement of sale and transfer certificate of reception apartment. Theoretically, these documents is sufficient.

But only theoretically. If it turns out that the seller is married, or married, be sure to require the consent of the spouse to sell the apartment. Of course, if you apply for registration of sale without such consent, the state registrar is required by law to request such an agreement, but we're all human – could be wrong, the registrar as well.

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